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Man dead in Lowmans

Persons, including students, walk past the body of Michael “Bully” Edwards as police process the scene in Lowmans Hill on Monday. (iWN photo)

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Police have launched a homicide investigation into the death of a Lowmans Hill man whose body was found in the road in Spring, Lowmans Hill, Wednesday morning.

The man’s relatives have identified him as 50-year-old Michael “Bully” Edwards.

They said that the man had a history of alcoholism and when drunk, would often sleep at the side of the road where his body was found.

Station Sergeant Henry Providence of the Traffic Branch told iWitness News at the scene that the police were treating the man’s death as a road fatality.

Providence said that it appears that a vehicle struck and dragged the man, resulting in his death.

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No suspect has been identified so far.

A resident of the area who was going to exercise around 6 a.m. discovered Edwards’ body.

The resident raised the alarm after seeing the stream of blood coming from the unresponsive man’s body.

Meanwhile, Vernie Browne, one of Edwards’ aunts, decried the manner in which he met his death.

“I feel bad because you shouldn’t take a person’s life in that way. It could’ve been an accident but the persons should have stayed around to say what happened,” she told iWitness News Wednesday morning.

Browne said that Edwards, notwithstanding his alcoholism, was an “everybody person” who was loved by all and never refused to help.

She said that she sometimes thought that people abused him because they knew that he was not lazy.

Edwards was always ready to help persons trim their yard and climb trees to pick fruits.

He also sold coconuts at the roadside on occasion.

“This is a big lash for me because if I have anything to do, he would come and do it for me. He was never rude to me or gave me cause to say I would not miss him,” she said of her nephew who had no children and whose mother is deceased.

“It is very painful to know that he lost his life in such a situation. It is really worrying to know that you hit somebody and just leave them by the roadside. It is a human [being] you are dealing with,” she told iWitness News.

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