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The deceased, “Lamar Fleek”.

The execution-style killing of a man in Campden Park Tuesday night has brought to 33 St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ homicide count for 2017.

iWitness News has so far been unable to verify the name of the victim, but he uses the handle “Lamar Fleek” on Facebook.

He was reportedly shot at least once to the head.

His shooting in Old Buff, a section of the community, in West Kingstown, is the second in SVG this week, and the 12th since September began.

The death follows that of Calvert Pierre, a 42-year-old labourer of Kelbourney, who was killed in Belmont on Sunday.

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Pierre was shot and killed as October began by mirroring the bloody conclusion of September, a month in which the nation recorded nine homicides, and four persons surviving shooting injuries.

11 replies on “Execution-style killing brings SVG’s homicide count to 33”

  1. Svg need a curfew and heavy police presence in the community. Then hear who going cry police brutality. Bring back the death penalty. But then again do they know who are committing these killing

    1. Yeah, an autocratic police state! Lock them all up! Everyone is guilty. That is how we want it. At all costs do not create any jobs to distract our youth from their life of crime!

  2. Can’t prejudge the reasons for these senseless killings. However, his mode of dressing fits perfectly into the American rap culture . This is no reason for Taki his life though .

  3. This needs to stop we need to love eachother any way god is coming for his world we need to repent our ways if only we love eachother like christ love us why always these stupid killing oh boy please ppl think we all have love ones and family the pain when we lost a love one oh boy life ehh please please my brothers please stop the crime please we were not made to kill eachother but to live good and loving

  4. sis. Williams says:

    God, is already here. Even His presence is already here. All we have to do, is open up our heart for He is already here.

  5. What the hell the police them doing Vincy have a serial killer /killers out there police you all need to go and look for you all wanted killer/killers them now ,I hope you all could see who’s the wanted killer/killers now.

  6. Why are you offended? Isn’t that his picture? They don’t owe you or him no special favor to pick the best picture. Live by the sword, die by the sword, unfortunately…

  7. Almost the entire Caribbean has become a killing field. Many of the once peaceful and tranquil islands are fast descending into failed States. Seems like those in authority are clueless in implementing measures and strategies to mitigate these murderous trends.

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