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Police investigation
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Nine persons were injured during a shooting incident in Diamond, where police were late Saturday night trying to locate a 10th person.

iWitness News understands that persons took refuge in nearby bushes as they came under gunfire in the community Saturday night.

Initial reports were that one person was confirmed dead but when iWitness News visited the scene late Saturday night, we met police officers conducting a search of nearby bushes for a man said to be unaccounted for.

iWitness News understands that one of the injured men told police another man fell on him in the bushes and told him “goodbye” — which was interpreted to mean that the man was injured or believed that he was about to die.

Information reaching iWitness News is that the men came under gunfire at a shop in the community.

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3 replies on “Nine persons injured in shooting in Diamond”

  1. Good reporting Kenton. As more information comes in we will continue to get pieces of the puzzle of just what has gone wrong with our society in SVG. We all know that bad government has much to do with the constant increase in crime but in combination of what other factors? Only government can reverse this trend but they seem to think that raising taxes is the answer to everything, not proper parenting or integrity law enforcement. In fact Terrible Economic policy is one of the main causes of our growing troubles and only fuels poverty and crime. The people have to accept less so the government can get more…= Ralphonomics.

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