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Diamond shooting
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Police investigating the shooting incident in Diamond Saturday night recovered 40 spent shells at the scene where gunmen opened fire sometime around 9 p.m., leaving 10 persons injured.

iWitness News understands that eight of the 10 persons sustained gunshot injuries while two were injured as they tried to escape the attack.

Initial reports were that one person was killed during the attack. However, police recovered the man, Fitzroy Ash, 59, of Diamond, in some bushes where he and others had run to seek cover.

He is said to have sustained five gunshot injuries and remains a patient at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, where the seven other gunshot victims are also warded.

A well-placed source told iWitness News that the other gunshot victims have been identified as Diamond residents Kerwin John, 52; Karim Benjamin, 25; Kaymanie Richards; 39; Andrew Layne, 37; Kenneth Barzie, 30; and Gregory Abraham, 33.

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Michael Richards, an 18-year-old resident of Calliaqua, was also shot and injured in the attack.

Oslin Thomas, 46, and Vanus Thomas, 30, both of Diamond, sustained injuries while running away from the scene.

iWitness News understands that the spent shell that police recovered suggest that hollow point bullets were used in the attack.

Police are also said to be working on a theory that there were at least three weapons, and possibly three shooters were involved in the attack.

The attack happened at a shop in the South Windward district.

One resident said that a toddler, on hearing the gunfire, commented about fireworks.

Some residents of the area were delayed outside the police cordon for hours as investigator processed the scene Saturday night.

At one point, a police officer came and told residents that they were exploring whether it would have been possible to allow residents to walk in the area without contaminating the scene.

He, however, asked for their patience and understanding, telling them, “The road is plastered with bullet casings.”

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  1. My grandmother also collected sea shells She had more than 40 though. Glad to see the police are interested in collecting shells!

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