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Police on Monday announced that they are offering an EC$20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) involved in the shooting incident in Diamond on Saturday that left eight persons with bullet injuries.

Eight persons were shot and injured when unknown assailants opened fire on persons at a shop in the South Windward community.

One theory is the target was a man who was recently released from prison, but police have not commented on this.

A well-placed source has told iWitness News that police recovered some 40 bullet casings at the scene.

One source told iWitness News that the ammunition was all of the same caliber and were hollow point.

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Police on Monday identified the shooting victims as Gregory Abraham, 30; Kerime Benjamin, 25; Kenneth Barzie, 42; Andrew Laynes, 37; Kaymanie Richards, 39; Kerwin John, 52; and Fitzroy Iris, 62, all of Diamond.

Michael Richards, 18, of Calliaqua, was also injured in the incident.

They are all patients at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.

Meanwhile, the police are also investigating another shooting at Paul’s Avenue where Jawanza “Sanga” Frazer was shot several times about his body on Sunday.

Reports are that Frazer was shot by an occupant of a vehicle who pumped five bullets into him before speeding away from the Kingstown community.

Frazer was standing at the roadside at the time.

2 replies on “Police offer $20,000 reward for info in mass shooting case”

  1. Can the police really be trusted to give information to? As a matter of fact, forget all this money thing and get Julian to solve the crime. He seems to know a hell of a lot about everything!

  2. The jury is still out on whether the $20,000 reward makes sense. At the end of the day, the perpetrators might be caught, prosecuted and might not even serve jail time, let alone be hang for their crimes. And if they are jailed then that would be at the expense of us the taxpayers. But as Minister of Finance (among the 47 other portfolios which you hold), have you given any thought to providing monetary rewards to the hard-working farmers to assist them staying afloat in these trying times, or to the private sector entrepreneurs for services which they have provided for the Government but have not been paid since; or to the private citizens who have won their court cases against the Government and you refuse to honour the judgments of the Court; or providing money for improving not only the physical but the economic infrastructure of this country so that legitimate businesses can strive and so young people can get meaning jobs to do?

    Vincentians are crying out and I hope you are listening to their cries. Sir, I urge you to “give careful thoughts to your ways”, Haggai 1:7.

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