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Minister of Education, St. Clair Jimmy Prince. (iWN file photo)
Minister of Education, St. Clair Jimmy Prince. (iWN file photo)
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By St. Clair Prince, Minister of Education

Fellow educators, teachers, students, parents and guardians, during this period when we celebrate the 38th anniversary of independence, I am pleased to note that nationals at home and abroad are actively engaged in activities that support our theme of enhancing national pride.

Our theme serves as a reminder that it is our duty as citizens to work together and to contribute in whatever small way we can to achieve the goals of our nation as articulated in our National Development Plan. It also implores us to be proud of who we are and the need to continue to build positive feelings towards our country, our people, our diversity and traditions, and to instill in us a sense of belonging.

Working together to enhance national pride means that we are taking seriously the values enshrined in the constitution, that we embrace our children and young peoples’ involvement in sports, culture and the creative arts. Learning through these pursuits enhances knowledge in other domains and helps to build self-esteem in young people.

Working together to enhance national pride indicates that we are determined to constantly improve on our gains in education, whether it be in CPEA, CXC/CSEC or CAPE. I feel heartened that we are on the right track when I see students being focused and producing improved academic and sporting results year after year.

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Our government is determined to continue its investment in education to enable us to reach our fullest potential as individuals and as a people.

Therefore, as educators, as parents and as teachers, we must work together to ensure our children/students behave in a dignified manner, show respect for self and others, for those in authority as well as for the property of others. For National Pride is about what we can do to ensure that our nation is a better place for us as nationals and for visitors alike.

As we anticipate the arrival of thousands of tourists for this season, let us capitalize on our amazing tourism product, this paradise of an island.

Let us take pride in keeping our country clean, being courteous to our visitor, treating them with respect and showing off our Botanic Gardens and all things indigenous.

While pockets of lawlessness threaten to undermine our serenity, and we observe the growing sense of disregard for rule of law, let us remember that Good will always prevail over Evil and seek rather to do good.

It is with pride and pleasure that we witness the making of history with the introduction of ten school buses with assistance of our Taiwanese partners. Additionally, look with pride upon our three winners of the

Prime Minister’s Award this year. We are working diligently to enhance national pride.

We anticipate the enhancing of the learning environment for expanded and improved delivery which includes rehabilitation of the Technical Institutes at Barrouallie, Campden Park, Kingstown and Georgetown for specialized programmes. These facilities will cater for agriculture, general construction and marine technology; auto mechanics repair, welding and cosmetology; welding and plumbing; and agriculture, cosmetology and welding respectively.

As Minister of Education, it is my sincere desire that through education, every citizen will become prosperous and secure and lead a life of dignity and respect. Let us determine to work together to build a stronger SVG.

Happy 38th anniversary of Independence and may Almighty God continue to enrich our lives.

2 replies on “Minister of Education’s Schools Independence Message”

  1. Riijord Gumbs says:

    Mere empty words are of little value in the face of hopelessness! It is action,with clearly defined plans,that yield constructive results.Needless to say, your effort minimize the pervasive lawlessness,is destructive! No issue can addressed, unless viewed in real terms:The island is rife with lawlessness! Should you be reminded, hastily view Laura Anthony-Browne’ poignant missive! She paints a very dark picture, but provides a workable framework by which to address the cacophony of cries for leadership.

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