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Allie Franklyn-Providence. (iWN photo)
Allie Franklyn-Providence. (iWN photo)
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A Canadian man is expected to reappear at the Serious Offences Court in Kingstown on Wednesday in connection with a dishonesty charge, reportedly arising from a bill he incurred at a local hotel.

Allie Providence has been charged that between Sept. 29 and Nov. 4, 2017 at Villa, “with intent to make permanent default on part of an existing liability to make payment of EC$15,494.22, [he] dishonestly induced Crystal Andrews of Villa to wait for payment”.

Providence pleaded not guilty to the charge when he was arraigned last week Monday, Nov. 13, and was denied bail.

The court, however, agreed to an expedited trial since the man lives overseas.

However, when the matter was called on Monday, Nov. 13, defence counsel, Grant Connell told the court that he was not ready to proceed and that bail should be opened to his client.

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Connell said that the prosecution had not honoured the court’s order for disclosure, but noted that this is not usually the case.

The lawyer told the court that his client has been “in that bug-infested place for days” — a reference to jail, where he was being held on remand.

Connell said that his client was being denied bail while charged “with taking something from Mariners” Hotel.

Chief Magistrate, Rechanne Browne-Matthias, however, told Connell that she did not have before the court “anything about taking something from Mariners”.

Connell, in further making his case against the prosecution for not honouring the disclosure order, said, “you have to shackle them” — gesturing with his hand in the direction of the prosecution as he spoke.

“Shackle them and shackle him?” the magistrate said, referring to both the prosecution and Providence.

Senior Prosecutor Adolphus Delplesche told the court that he does not know how the court is going to shackle the prosecution.

He said that the failure to honour the disclosure order was an oversight, adding that the persons responsible for doing so have a 100 per cent record, adding, “And my friend knows that.”

Connell, however, said that the record was not 100 per cent.

Delplesche, continuing the banter, said, “You just said it’s usually done.”

The prosecutor gave the court an undertaking to ensure that the order was honoured by the end of the day.

Providence was again denied bail and the matter was adjourned for hearing on Wednesday.

5 replies on “Man charged over $15,000 hotel bill”

  1. if you did as was claimed, this is really not cool. Pay your bill, the hotel have to pay workers and maintain their business, The country is already suffering with a lack of tourism, you cannot do this in Canada, so why do it in St Vincent. I am hoping that Canadian immigration get a hold of this story. I have friends in immigration maybe I should forward this to them, to teach you a lesson and detour others from trying to pull off this shit. Why try to live a life style you know that you can’t afford. This is the problem with many people and personally I don’t have the tolerance for it. So make sure this fool pay his bill before leaving.

  2. Not sure but the similarities are there. If this is him, given his profile, I am more confuse as to why he will not pay his bill. I’m thinking some vincy jail time is well deserving. Also he should pay the full cost of his hotel stay plus interest.

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