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Telecommunications provider, Flow, says it is aware of the interruption of services experienced recently by a small percentage of fixed-line customers.

Country Manager of Flow, Wayne Hull, said the company has identified the issues and is working assiduously to rectify them, the company said in a press release.

He said Flow will look into rebating affected customers, but appealed to customers to follow the standard procedures for rebates.

Flow said it is embarking on an upgrade of the fixed line platform systems.

The company said it is migrating its system from one installed in 2005 to a more advanced one.

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Hull said that with the rapid changes in technology, the need for such a transition has become inevitable.

He further said that in recent times, it proved to be a challenge for the features of the existing system to accommodate the increasing demands in the telecommunications market.

Hull said, however, that the migration to a new system would result in a more advanced, reliable and efficient system to better serve Flow’s customers.

He said the company has embarked on a customer education programme that will cater to the more mature group of customers, where they would be further sensitised through the media along with other sources such as the Flow telephone directory.

Hull said there is no need for heightened concern and appealed to customers to be patient.

He said the company’s technicians would be available to do home visits to conduct thorough checks on the lines experiencing issues.

He said the company, Flow, will look into a rebate policy for customers affected by outages and further appealed to customers to follow and adhere to the standard procedures when claiming rebates.

One reply on “Flow to refund fixed-line customers affected by outages”

  1. Kenlyn Ferdinand says:

    Hello I would like to say rebate cannot replace the pain i carry right now. On October 31, 2017 I called my 99 year old mother when she got to the phone she greeted me as usual, I asked how she was doing and waiting for her usual response that never came. On November 01, 2017 after countless efforts the evening before I tried again and got no answer. The phone system in the area was down for days. My mother got sick on November 01, 2017 and died 10 days later without speaking. Flow you rebate could never ease the pain of the last time I would have spoken to my mother. There was an urgency to speak with her, little did I know it would be the last.
    Please think about this when giving your rebate. I am not blaming you for my mother’s death I am saying you have to do better in modern day. It should not have taken days for the system to come back up, there was no emergency or crisis at the time. The IFS is what keep coming to me. The conversation would have been a lasting memory. All i have is that the phone went down before we could greet each other properly and it was not and still is not working properly.


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