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Restroom floor
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A witness in a matter at the High Court on Tuesday fell through the floor of the public restroom of the historic building in Kingstown.

The witness, a former police officer, showed the media the smudges on his trousers as a result of the incident.

He was also very grateful that he was not injured.

The restroom is located in a section of the building where the Search Room of the Registry used to be before it was relocated to another rebuilding in Kingstown.

The floor of the restroom is in urgent need or repair.

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Pieces of board have been placed across a gap in the floor to make it possible for persons to safely use the toilet facilities there.

4 replies on “Witness falls through High Court restroom’s floor”

  1. This is what it will take to fix it. The “this” is not the falling through but iWitness News reporting on it.

    Not long ago, in a meeting with the admin staff of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Port Authority, I showed them a picture of awful state of the compound at Campden Park. I said to them, “You know how to fix this? Take away my camera.”

    1. Yes, but we have a nice shiny new beautiful airport that costs us far more to maintain than what it brings to our economy!
      Some people define such things as a liability but …
      We define it as an “asset” because our PM said it is an asset so it must be so.
      Think or it this way: Falling through the floor added a bit of excitement to this persons life, instead of the same boring routine we all have to put up with. Remember, we have a shiny new airport and that is all we need, everything else is unimportant!

  2. The airport will soon be like that. LOL LOL I thought this liat international airport were to bring them health and wealth. I will not bring my friends to this country. Sad to say, the health care need to look at. Not even cough mixture they had for an infant, who had an asthma attack, struggling to breathe and coughing+++, And more so, the parents were given prescription to buy the ventolin to nebulize the child, and this was not day time. Thanks to that drug store next to the Methodist church.

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