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Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, right, has been talking about the scandal about which he says he has advised his son and Finance Minister, Camillo Gonsalves, to maintain "a dignified silence". They are seen here at a press conference in September 2017. (iWN file photo)
Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, right, has been talking about the scandal about which he says he has advised his son and Finance Minister, Camillo Gonsalves, to maintain “a dignified silence”. They are seen here at a press conference in September 2017. (iWN file photo)

Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves, on Monday, again took to radio to speak about the scandal surrounding his son Camillo Gonsalves, although he has said he has told the younger Gonsalves, who is also Minister of Finance, not to comment on the allegations being made against him.

And, the prime minister’s comments on Boom FM breathed further life into the story, with chair of the main opposition New Democratic Party, Daniel Cummings, telephoning the station shortly after to say that the nation must hear from the younger Gonsalves himself.

Monday’s comments came in the second consecutive week that has begun with media focus on the story that broke when former model Yugge Farrell, 22, of Lowman’s Bay, was arraigned on a charge that on Jan. 4, 2018 in Kingstown, she abused Camillo’s wife, Karen Duncan-Gonsalves, by calling her a “dirty b***h”.

When Farrell was arraigned on Jan. 5, Kingstown Magistrate Bertie Pompey granted the prosecution’s request that she be sent for two weeks of psychological evaluation.

The request was granted amidst strong protest by defence counsel, Grant Connell, who noted that the Crown had presented no evidence in support of its application.

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In a number of videos posted to Instagram after she was consigned to the mental hospital, Farrell is making a number of allegations, including that she was involved in a sexual relationship with Camillo, who is also Member of Parliament for East St. George.

The prime minister, in one of several radio appearances he made last week commenting on the ongoing debate, said he and his deputy, Sir Louis Straker, had advised Camillo not to comment on the development as yet.

In his radio appearance on Monday, Gonsalves said on Boom Fm that he had advised his son to maintain “a dignified silence”.

He said that Proverbs and other parts of the Bible advise from time to time that one must be wise and keep a still tongue.

“It’s not everything you talk about. Some people may want salacious gossip but what is the sense of Camillo speaking? To satisfy who? Those who are already — a whole set a whole set of factual allegations entirely wrong.”

Yugge Farrel 2
The scandal broke after the arrest and charge of former model Yugge Farrell. (Internet photo)

Told that the NDP has noted that because Camillo is a Member of Parliament and his name is embroiled in this scandal, he has a right and a responsibility to comment, the prime minister said:

“But that is just entirely nonsensical. For every single allegation which is made by somebody and, in this case, somebody who, when you read, for instance, some of the things which are said, and you have seen some of them subsequently, including involving other persons in society and the media, in high society, including the media, some of your colleagues, that people must go about responding to these things?”

Gonsalves said he doesn’t understand that kind of a view.

“If every time somebody said something salacious you’re going to respond and somebody also who may have some challenge, that you respond, I mean, what happen? You’re going to be dragged hither and thither on these matters? I don’t agree with that perspective at all.”

Gonsalves said he has remained silent on certain things and part of the judgement is know when to and when not to talk.

He said that had the allegation been made about him, he would have shrugged his shoulder and said, “You all seriously expect me to comment on some kind of comess (gossip) business? And in relation to a wild allegation that is being made?”

But Cummings, who is MP for West Kingstown, where Farrell lives, used a particular analogy to make his point about why he thinks that the prime minister is not best suited to comment on the scandal.

Cummings, speaking separately on Boom FM on Monday, said:

“I, as a Member of Parliament, can sign application forms for people or passports and other things but I cannot sign a form for any member of my family nor can I sign for myself, for good reason. It is not right and proper for a father to be the one to come on radio and try to explain the actions of a son, a son who is a public figure, who is a member of parliament, minister of Finance, who has been accused repeatedly of very serious charges.”

Cummings said that what the prime minister is trying to do on behalf of Camillo is not helping.

“But for persons who have common sense, it would lead them to believe that clearly, this is an attempt to cover up. It is wrong. It is improper. It is not for the prime minister to explain what is taking place with his son. It is wrong. It’s not right. It must be someone in an independent capacity. It must be someone that people would want to believe.”

Daniel Cummings 2
Chair of the NDP, Daniel Cummings. (iWN file photo)

Cummings said that it is strange to him how the incident had come about.

He said the policewoman who had alleged — about a decade ago— that the prime minister had raped her, belonged to a family that were strong supporters of Gonsalves’ Unity Labour Party.

Cummings said that Farrell’s mother and other relatives who live in Lowmans Bay have told him that they are the most strident supporters of the ULP.

“I have to note how the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree,” Cummings said.

Asked to explain what he meant, Cummings said that the expression would be understood by anyone with common sense.

He added:

“The father, in the case of the policewoman, that was a very strong ULP family. In the case of Camillo Gonsalves, the young lady comes from a family that is strong ULP. And I leave it there. So, I do not think that it is proper for the father to be discussing this matter — attempting to discuss it on behalf of the son.

“The people of this country need to know and they need to hear from the horse’s mouth. Because this is a matter not of a low-level public servant, this is a matter involving a senior government minister, Member of Parliament, Minister of Finance and the allegations are, indeed, serious.”

Camillo is Member of Parliament for East St. George.

Cummings, however, said it is for the people of SVG to decide what their response to the scandal would be.

“There is a duty on the part of the Member of Parliament, Camillo Gonsalves, to come to the people of this country and tell us what is the position on those very sordid accusations made against him — no questions asked. He has a duty to do that. And in the absence of that, people will come to their conclusion.”

Asked at a press conference later on Monday why he continues to comment on the discussion after advising Camillo not to, the prime minister said he comments on the law and he comments “on the basic facts which led to this matter coming to the court”.

15 replies on “PM continues to speak on scandal throughout Camillo’s ‘dignified silence’ ”

  1. If The Boy Wonder ever becomes Prime Minister is he always going to have his daddy taken out of the closet dusted-off and set–up to do his talking for him?
    This shows a family where the son has never accomplished anything on his own without the help of daddy. Do we want a PM like that? …a ventriloquist pulling his strings?
    “And now, ladies and gentlemen the amazing Dr. Spin and the Boy Wonder…”
    Why doesn’t Camillo come out and be a man? Does he need Dr. Spin to do all his most important talks for him? All the best propaganda artists are working overtime behind the scenes on this case to discover some way to not only deflect it but to make Dr Spin and the Boy Wonder come out smelling like a rose. I wonder if we will see a proverbial “Blue Dress” come out later?

  2. The behaviour of Ralph Gonsalves and his son Camillo Gonsalves in this matter prove they are both unfit to serve the people of SVG. They are both unfit to hold the senior offices that they hold.

  3. It quite simply must be considered the end of the dynasty. The person who has been wronged in this matter is Camillos wife. For her I do feel sorry and sad for her to be embroiled in something that she had no hand in.

  4. Our Boys and Girls have to grow up at some time; they become men and women, heads of family. In this case Heads of Government. The Bible also says in 1 Corinthians 13:11 “When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me.
    And as we become adults Men and Women: 1 Timothy 3:4 says “He must manage his own family well and see that his children obey him, and he must do so in a manner worthy of full respect. The ultimate is that, Proverbs 15:20 states:- A wise son brings joy to his father, but a foolish man despises his mother. In keeping a ‘STILL TONGUE’ or not, truth or untruth, a tarnished RESPECT can linger as a hang over.. Therefore, what is the ‘WISE’ approach to take?

  5. Sometimes when I re-read the Prime Minister’s words on a variety of topics an adage pops into my head…. If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance baffle them with bull**it.

    He says a lot of words and then when you dissect them you realise its just a lot of words.

  6. If Camillo is unfit to handle his own affairs when there is a problem, he is also unfit to handle the affairs of the Vincentian people.

    Time to speak up or give up, time to get off the toilet.

    Daddy’s boy has taken daddy’s advice and come back to papa.

    There! There! now son daddy-waddy will help you, just say nothing and let me handle everything for you. You know I have got extensive experience in such matters, so just leave it to me, I am an expert liar you are still learning

  7. I don’t understand how a father speaks on behalf of a grown a** man not even as his lawyer but his dad. What is this pre school? Why then is Camillo holding a high office in government? It means that even in his current docket his dad pulls the strings and makes decisions. Its the high time Vincentians stop this nonsense once and for all. Aaaagh this irk’s me so much.

  8. There is no leadership without morals and ethics. Ralph Gonsalves, who have shown none and to help me God, have you been in such a position anywhere in North America you would’ve been in jail as I wrote. It’ alarming how many ladies chastising the young lady. Well the lady allegedly said she was in a sexual relationship with boy wonder and as a man dude if this is true, you went about it the wrong way. Such a shame on our Vincentian population.

  9. When this is all over it is the Vincentian electorate who will be the ultimate judge and jury. If we’re were to look back at our recent history involving our own Dr Spin and all the allegations of rape and sexual assaults, our people are very forgiving when it in matters similar the one that wonder Boy is being accused. In conclusion, the jury (the Vincentian electorate ) will pronunce the trial to be dismissed. According, Boy Wonder will be elivated to the highest office in this country.

  10. It was once said that our interectural capacity is akin to our famous fruit (the breadfruit). Accordingly, the Vincentian electorate has the last say no matter what we may say. Therefore, leave the matter alone that happened to be between two concenting adults. Ex Prime minister of Canada one said; ” the National of Canada had no right in the affairs of the private bedroom of any individual.

  11. Am I the only person who is noticing the book in the background, New York Best selling book “the 48 laws of Power” a book that has been renowned for it’s “ancient wisdom” the 6th Law of this books says “Court attention at all Cost” could it be that Miss Farrell is simply exploiting this Law which clearly encourages its readers to do what ever it takes to get public notice? My eyebrows were raised when i noticed that book in the background because its readers tend to follow these laws literally.

  12. We can be sure Camillo has been told two things

    1/ wait say nothing, someone will cross the line we will sue them and get enough to pay out with

    2/ say nothing because in 9 days the field and house slaves will have forgot all about it

  13. The ULP voters are considered by the dynasty as their field and house slaves. Its time for a slave revolt against the dynasty and in particular the dirty duo.

    Its time to take our country back and stop it being used as the dynasty’s plantation.

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