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Yugge Farrell, right, has alleged that Minister of Finance, Camillo Gonsalves, left, cheated on his wife with her.
Yugge Farrell, right, has alleged that Minister of Finance, Camillo Gonsalves, left, cheated on his wife with her.
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The ongoing debate about the alleged past relationship between Minister of Finance Camillo Gonsalves, 44, and former model, Yugge Farrell, 22, is about “a love affair” and not politics.

That is as far as Yugge’s mother, Gailene Farrell, is concerned.

“Wha’ I could see, was like a love affair. I didn’t really see it as no politics. I see it as a love affair. Seeing as he is a minister of government, you done expect these things go happen,” Gailene told iWitness News on Tuesday.

The widespread debate about Yugge’s arrest and charge on Jan. 4 with using abusive language to Karen Duncan-Gonsalves, wife of Minister of Finance, Camillo Gonsalves, has included excursions into politics, especially since a video of Farrell saying she was involved in an extramarital relationship with Camillo appeared on the internet on Jan. 6.

Farrell has been a patient at the Mental Health Centre since Jan. 5, as per a court order and returns to court next Monday, for the second time in as many weeks, when Senior Magistrate Rickie Burnett will give his decision on legal arguments presented by the defence and prosecution this past Monday.

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The psychiatric hospital has submitted to the court a report that says that Farrell is unfit for trial and the Director of Public Prosecutions, Colin Williams, has asked that she be sent back to the Mental Health Centre for further treatment.

Defence counsel, Grant Connell, has questioned the validity of the report, saying that it was not prepared by a psychiatrist and has asked that Yugge be granted bail and be examined by a psychiatrist.

Gailene Farrell 1
Gailene Farrell, mother of former model, Yugge Farrell, who has been the subject of much public discussion since Jan. 5. (iWN photo)

Gailene said she sees the love affair as between Yugge and Camillo.

The mother told iWitness News that Member of Parliament for West Kingstown – where she lives — Daniel Cummings was correct when he said that the family has told him repeatedly that they are long-time supporters of the Unity Labour Party.

“Me ah supporter from since Mr. Hudson Tannis. Not now; long time. And as me know De Comrade (Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves) so long, me and De Comrade go down good and thing, so I saw I think De Comrade woulda look for me in a better way,” said the woman, who also told iWitness News that she discussed in 2017 with the prime minister, the relationship that her daughter allegedly had with his son.

Gailene said that as a mother, she would like to say to the people of SVG that she considers that Farrell is her daughter.

“And everybody looking and feel, well, just like she ain’t have nobody, because like me ain’t coming forward, the father ain’t coming forward and say nothing,” said Gailene, who told iWitness News that she missed Monday’s court hearing because a doctor had told her that her daughter would not have been in court.

She said she and Yugge’s father, Calvert Charles, have been coping amidst the public debate and have been receiving encouragement from many persons, who have been telling them to hold the faith.

Tuesday’s interview took place at the chambers of lawyer Kay Bacchus-Baptiste in Kingstown, where Gailene had told us to meet her when we contacted her Monday night.

Farrell said that she had contacted Bacchus-Baptiste, who is also an opposition politician, seeking help for her daughter.

It was noted to Bacchus-Baptiste that she is a politician and this would trigger the allegation of political motivation.

“Well, people would realise that this was Kay Bacchus before I got into politics. I’ve always been on the side of the underdog, helping poor people. I’ve done so much pro bono work for people. When it comes to human rights and especially women’s rights, I’ve always been three. I’m only in politics about — not even a year. So then, anybody who is being fair and honest would realise this is the type of thing I would do.”

Asked to respond to the view that she has only been in electoral politics for a year but has been in politics for longer than that, Bacchus-Baptiste said:

“Not politics. I have been a social activist for that very same reason: helping people. Helping the underdog, seeking people’s right. That’s what I have always been involved in.”

Bacchus-Baptiste has also spoken about the developments in the Yugge Farrell case at a press conference held by her New Democratic Party and on a number of radio programmes.

9 replies on “Yugge-Camillo saga about ‘love’, not politics — mother”

  1. Love affair? That’s what you call it? Miss lady, the only person who was in love was your daughter. Can you blame people for thinking the child has nobody when it was you who said you did not see her for three years and you didn’t look for her? What parent doesn’t see their child for three years and don’t look for them? As far as I am concerned the only person who should be encouraged to “hold the faith” is Yugge. Its so unfortunate that some persons who will love and care for a child can’t have any and some who have are not fit to be parents.

    1. Wan Vinsenshan says:

      Like you’re sleeping in Camillo bed or what? You’re Camillo pillow mate? How you can say the man didn’t love her […]
      Also why are you berating the mother when Yugge is a big woman?

      All of this wouldn’t have happened if they didn’t instruct the courts to send the girl to the mental home. That’s how she won my sympathy otherwise I wouldn’t have cared as much. That’s also why Camillo needs to address it since they made it into a criminal matter. When you’re an MP there are entirely different standards that must be upheld.

  2. Wesley bolden says:

    What?? Gonsalves again?? Carribean Leaders and their spawns running ruin through the female populace. But then again the females must be on offer.

  3. A love affair is a problem for this man and his wife. Alleged government corruption interconnected with the courts is everyone’s problem….these people are getting more bold with their dictatorship behavior and thuggery.
    This is a page directly out of crazy dictator/ pastor Jim Jones’ book… he use to send women who disobeyed commands or did not want him to the Psych ward in Jonestown for “treatment”.

  4. Pauline Cuffy says:

    This has transformed itself into a major human rights issue as this woman’s rights have been violated. This is where St Vincent is heading? There is no freedom of speech, pretty soon there will be no freedom of press to. The Gonsalves have transformed St. Vincent into a dictatorial regime. Even if she did say what is alleged she said, it shouldn’t have gotten!n to the point where this woman is drugged and dehumanized. Very childish on Camillo and his wife part. Totally sickening.

  5. We in Barbados watching this sordid affair
    Camillo Gonsalves the Prime Minister in waiting should resign
    Policewomen and young models should be able to work in peace in SVG

  6. Dear Mark My Word, you must understand that unlike Barbados Saint Vincent is still a family dynasty owned plantation and the peasants are all field slaves of the dynasty. It is considered fair game by the dynasty to have sex with whichever slave they should choose, nothing wrong with that because they own them.

  7. Peter Appollo says:

    It seems that having an affair with a married man should be glorified.No condemnation for immorality .It is Ok to do it once you are not holding political office. These comments are most hypocritical. There is no love or politics in this affair only immorality.

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