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House burglar Daniel Nero uses his hat to hide his face as he is led away to prison on Tuesday. (iWN photo)
House burglar Daniel Nero uses his hat to hide his face as he is led away to prison on Tuesday. (iWN photo)
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A Murray’s Village man who burglarised a home in the Central Kingstown community has been jailed for four years.

Senior Magistrate Rickie Burnett handed down the sentence on 35-year-old Daniel Nero at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday.

He told the man that once convicted of burglary, a defendant has with him a “10 out of 10 chance of going to prison.

“Four years, in prison,” the magistrate told the man, who is a first time offender.

The defendant had burglarised a house in Murray’s Village, stealing two bags of groceries, a laptop computer and a music box.

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He told the court that he committed the crime because he had not got paid and thought that he would have found food there.

The magistrate said he understood the explanation about the food, but noted that the man had stolen other items also.

5 replies on “House burglar jailed for 4 years”

  1. St. Vincent and the Grenadines a lawless society.
    What thi gentleman has done was wrong but that did not warranted a 4 year prison sentence, for a first time
    There ate persons who has committed more serious crimes and did not receive a prison sentence but a fine.
    Eg, a licences firearm holder can shoot a person and some times not even been arrested while a non licenc firearm person is sent to prison for a considerable period of time.
    Magistrates and Judges needs to think twice and be mor considerate to these tupes of persons who are unemployed in a Island with hardly any industry to support employment.
    This system is so unfair and for more than fifty years on nothing has

  2. Show where this Magistrate in any of his sentences has not acted within the sentencing guidelines? Did he act ultra vires?

    You want to blame the Senior Magistrate for what you deem are the unfair or unjust sentences of other members of the bench?

    When sentenced, a person has a right to appeal. So if this young man feels that the sentence was too onerous, then he should start the process for appeal simple.

  3. Someone has to stand up and uphold the laws of the country. I’m happy that judge is taking the actions his taking because we need to get control of this thief situation before it gets even worst. I just hope that you continue to apply the law evenly across the board to every law breaker, no matter who they are or their political affiliation.

  4. Its a start in the right direction, to many thief in svg, now the court needs to deal with them all in the same manner, especially those that sit back and watch the farms break their back working their land and they just wait to reap what they didn’t sow. Hats off to this judge.

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