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Police are investigating the circumstances of a vehicular accident that occurred near the La Croix public road, resulting in one of the vehicles bursting into flames Thursday morning.

Police say that around 7:15 a.m. on Thursday, omnibus HN828, owned and driven by Swan John of Diamond and a black Nissan X-Trail P-8822 owned and driven by Carlos James of Mesopotamia, were involved in the accident.

Motor vehicle HN828 was reported to have been travelling towards Mesopotamia and P8822 was travelling in the opposite direction, towards Kingstown when the accident occurred, police say.

Motor vehicle P8822 ran off the public road, struck an electrical pole, overturned, caught fire and was destroyed.

The other vehicle received minor damage to the front of the vehicle.

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James is reported to have sustained injuries to his fingers on his right hand and bruises about his body.

He was transported to Milton Cato Memorial Hospital for medical attention.

A child was a passenger of P-8822 and is reported to have escaped unhurt.

Investigations are being carried out into the mater.