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The accused, Mwata Henry. (iWN file photo)
The accused, Mwata Henry. (iWN file photo)
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A Redemption Sharpes man on an attempted murder charge has been denied bail as police await the results of an autopsy.

The Crown suggested to the Serious Offences Court on Monday that Mwata Henry, 26, could face other charges depending on the findings of the pathologist during an autopsy that was scheduled for that day.

Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne-Matthias upheld the prosecution’s objection and remanded Henry into custody until next Monday, when he will again be eligible for bail review.

Police have charged Henry with attempted murder in connection with the Feb. 22 shooting of another resident in the Central Kingstown community.

He is charged that on Feb. 22, about 7:25 a.m., with intent to commit an offence, to wit “murder”, on Rayshawn Gibson, 23, unemployed of Redemption Sharpes, he shot Gibson on his left hand with a gun” at Redemption Sharpes.

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Henry was also charged with assaulting Javid Alexander, 24, self-employed of Gibson Conner “by pointing a gun at his head” with intent to commit an offence, to wit “wounding” at Redemption Sharpes on Feb. 17, about 8:40 a.m.

14 replies on “Man denied bail as police await autopsy report”

  1. A. McKenzie says:

    Come on Kent on read you report again. How can a man be denied bail on attempted murder charge and at the same time you are saying that the judge denied bail pending the result of an autopsy report? If the charge is attempted murder then one cannot perform an autopsy on a living body. Either the man is dead and the charges are murder but not attempted murder. The charges could have been first degree or second degree or involuntary homicide.

    1. Brown Boy USA says:

      You are correct McKenzie. In the rush to post the latest news our local media outlets must do more due diligence into what and how they are reporting their news stories. The rest of the world is watching and reading. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that they pay attention to what they are reporting. We love our local media outlets, especially this one, however, they need to pay more close attention the accuracy of what they are reporting.

  2. Peter Appollo says:

    A Mckenzie glad you picked it up early, it is not the first time his stories are misleading. Need to check the motive.

  3. A. McKenzie says:

    Kenton I think I understand what happened were a series of events that lead to the demise of the vicitim, at the time of the first charge the victim was still alive when he was brought before justice Rechane Brown. However, it seems to me at that time he was charged with attempted murder. The charges were subsequently upgraded after Mr. Gibson subsequently passed away. Accordingly, if that’s the case your report is highly accurate Kenton and my apologies.

      1. Vincy Lawyer says:

        …is it after the autopsy, the Defendant will be charged additionally i.e. murder of someone else?

        I have re read this story and its so ambiguous.

    1. Ok I glad ppl seeing this cause this aint make no srnse
      Get to understand Kenton wasn’t even in the court gor this case , he need to get his facts strait be for he put ppl out there like that .smfh

  4. Proof reading will correct these simple errors instead of over zealousness in publishing a story first.

    Is it two different charges the man is facing i.e. murder and attempted murder?

    The heading of the article is very misleading and then the story makes no sense.

    Human Error?????

  5. I was a bit confused as well about his bail was denied. it should have been written Bail denied to man who was arrested on an attempt muder charge the victim have since died therefore the Court is now waiting on an Autopsy on the victim to determime the cause of death before bail can be granted .

    1. Vincy Lawyer says:


      Your explanation is what I believed happened. The victim is now deceased which means the charge will be upgraded to murder….

      Mr. Editor, please clear the air.

  6. A.Mckenzie was able to figure it out, the attempted murder charge was subsequently upgraded after the victim or one of the victims passed. The report should have reported the subsequent event to add a bit of clarity.

  7. How is this article ambiguous? It seems the guy is being charged with attempting to murder one person and may have an ADDITIONAL murder charge after the results of an autopsy. AUTOPSY meaning the person is not alive and so it must be another person. Like seriously, how often do ppl even die from being shot in the hand. Stewps…

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