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The accused in police photos taken after their arrest in September 2o17. From left: Twanecia Ollivierre, Taylor Mofford, and Alana Hudson.
The accused in police photos taken after their arrest in September 2o17. From left: Twanecia Ollivierre, Taylor Mofford, and Alana Hudson.
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A lawyer who had appeared in court on behalf of two of the three teenaged women on a murder charge has dropped the case.

Lawyer Israel Bruce told the Serious Offences Court in Kingstown on Thursday that he would like to be removed as counsel on record for Twanecia Ollivierre, 19, and Taylor Mofford, 18.

The two women, along with Alana Hudson, 18, are charged with the Sept. 4, 2017 murder of 23-year-old Simonia Da Silva.

When the preliminary inquiry came up again on Thursday, Bruce told the court, “It appears that there is a difficulty in getting some energies in the action.”

His comments were an apparent reference to his clients’ failure to pay their legal fees.

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Israel Bruce
Lawyer Israel Bruce. (iWN file photo)

Bruce spoke in such a way that the remainder of his comments was barely audible to those sitting in the gallery of the small courtroom.

Also on Thursday, lawyer Grant Connell took over the defence of Hudson, replacing Ronny Marks.

Marks is now representing Mofford.

Before Thursday’s developments, the Crown and defence had agreed to proceed by way of a paper committal.

However, Senior Prosecutor Adolphus Delplesche told the court that with Thursday’s developments, there could be a setback.

The matter was adjourned to April 11.

Da Silva, 23, died after being stabbed repeatedly during what her family has presented as a mob attack outside their Fair Hall home

Editor’s note: This story was revised after publication to correct the names of the attorneys who are representing the various accused. 

6 replies on “Lawyer drops murder case”

  1. I’m not sure of the judicial due process in SVG.
    Are citizens who can’t afford legal representation in a serious criminal offense entitled to gov sponsored representation?? Or poor relief application?? Can someone help….. VINCY LAWYER

    1. For certain charges and in certain courts.

      For example, a person charged with murder who can prove that they cannot afford a lawyer will be afforded legal representation based on set procedures. In this case, at the Magistrate level, there is no mandatory entitlement, but note that a lawyer present in court may decide to take on the matter pro bono or even step in as a friend of the court at any instance. The lawyer will however have to make the formal application to be added to the case.

      However, if the case is sent to the High Court, the defendant can apply for legal aid. However, an application does not automatically mean the court will grant their legal aid application. There are thresholds the defendant must meet to prevent instances of any defendant charge can just say, “…oh, I can’t afford a lawyer. The court must give me one.”

      Side note: ….But you are brave Al! Lol, you are actually gonna depend on the advice of a fake/disbarred lawyer according to some commenters on this platform? Lol…hope my answer provides some clarity.

      1. Lololol… VINCY LAWYER what’s different with me than the ppl you mentioned is I think for myself and use my own own conscience lol. Imagine if the country had more independent thinkers how much more efficient it would run and successful individuals free of political taint lols.
        Thanks for the input and I thought so being that this is a democratic country based of the same English rules of law

  2. They don’t have money to engage a lawyer but they are making trouble. They allegedly murder the poor girl in cold blood. They have blood on thier hands and should be hanged if convicted.

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