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New York-based Vincentian, Lantie Castello, a police officer, currently working in the New York City Sheriff’s Department for the past 28 years, has donated 17 bullet proof vests to the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force.

In accepting the donation on Monday, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Frankie Joseph conveyed thanks on behalf of Commissioner of Police, Colin John and the police force.

Joseph said it is always a good thing when citizens of SVG give back to the police.

He stated if the police have to fight crime alone, the organisation would not be successful, as it would want to be, as he outlined the donation of additional resources to be one that is well needed.

The deputy police chief reflected on the issue of crime in SVG over the past few years and highlighted the rise in gun crimes throughout the country.

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He pointed out that guns are used to commit most homicides and, therefore, praised Castello for his timely and much-needed donation.

Joseph said that the safety of police officers is paramount.

He said there are times when the men and women within the police force are short of or do not have the necessary protective armour, but still have to risk their lives to ensure the safety of citizens.

He said the donation will go a long way in protecting police officers whilst on duty.

In commending Castello for the donation, Joseph said he hopes that other businesses in SVG would feel motivated to make similar and other donations to the police to aid in fighting crime.

Meanwhile, Castello said he sees the need to keep up with 21st century law enforcement.

He recounted conversations about a year earlier about getting enhanced body armour for the police force.

Castello said the view that saving one police officer’s life is a good thing and that, as law enforcement officers, we are all in it together.

7 replies on “NY-based cop donates bulletproof vests to SVG police force”

  1. Given the crime situation in st Vincent, should a civilian were to purchase and wear a body armour. Would he or she be deemed to be breaking the laws of St Vincent. I am not speaking about wearin such devices in the commission of a crime. Any legal expert out there? Vince lawyer do you have an opinion on this?

    1. Jose; not a stupid question, though it would be wise to assume that any law of the land will have to be in place before an action against that law becomes illegal! I hope i did answer your inquiry, partially!

  2. C. Ben-David says:

    Officer Lantie Castello’s gifts would have been more appreciated if they had been American Green Cards instead.

    Anyone who believes “Vincie Lawyer” is a real lawyer needs their head examined by a real psychiatrist of which we have none.

  3. Omaro Thomas says:

    I applaud Mr Castello on such wonderful initiative. Indeed our police force can benefit tremendously from small, but very significant ventures such as this one. I salute you, as i join with other vincies to express our gratitude and say thank you. True patriot indeed!!!!

  4. C.ben-David I am not going to.say that Viny lawyer is an impostor I saw some of his legal arguments and as a law student myself I am not going to doubt him. Just like C.ben-David is an alias like a chicken camouflaged with feathers. We do not know who the real C.ben-David is. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt, given it is customary for users on this site to use pseudonyms.

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