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All Saints University student prepare to board a ferry from Kingstown to Dominica on Wednesday. (iWN photo)
All Saints University student prepare to board a ferry from Kingstown to Dominica on Wednesday. (iWN photo)
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At least one of the 105 medical students at All Saints University who left St. Vincent on Wednesday on board a ferry for Dominica felt that she was being pressured to return to the hurricane-ravaged country.

The female student who asked to speak to iWitness News without giving her name, showed us a document that she said students had been asked to sign before returning to Dominica.

The students were brought to St. Vincent and the Grenadines in September and October last year after Hurricane Maria left scores dead and thousands without shelter, food, water or electricity across Dominica.

The university said in a note to the Vincentian media on Tuesday that its Dominica Campus of the All Saints University, College of Medicine, will re-commence operations on May 7, 2018 and 100 students were being returned to the country.

But the student, speaking to iWitness News at the Cruise Ship Berth from shortly before the ferry was scheduled to depart for Dominica at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, said that she would rather remain in St. Vincent until at least September.

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“I think I prefer St. Vincent, by far, to Dominica because we get to relax, we are not doing things by compulsion, we are doing things by our own pace,” the student told iWitness News.

“But what I don’t understand is the reason why we have to go back to Dominica by force. This is by force. That’s why I am not signing this letter. I am not going to sign the letter. None of my friends are going to sign the letter, because it says they didn’t coerce us to go back. But they did, because they refused to let anyone transfer from Dominica to St. Vincent campus.

“So where are we supposed to go to? Literally, everything they are trying to do, they are trying to make it coded without anyone knowing what they are doing. We know. We are adults; we are not babies. We know they are trying to make us go back. To be honest, no one wants to go back and things there are not proper.

“I have friends who went there on Monday and they are like to get a house is terribly difficult. It’s very difficult to get a house, very difficult to even get proper food. So how are you going to survive? Why they don’t just wait until September for people to go back. It is terrible,” the student said.

All Saints university letter
The University reportedly asked the students to sign this indemnity letter. (iWN photo)

“They only reason they are making us go back is because of accreditation. I don’t understand why you would choose accreditation over people’s life. Let’s say something bad happens to people there or starvation because there is famine, what are you going to do?.

“The crime rate in that country is high right. I have friends there and it is putting everybody at risk. Everybody is scared. They are choosing property and school over people’s lives. We want to go back, but in September, not now. At least give the country one year to revive and come back before putting people back. It’s by force. They are forcing people to go back and this letter; I will definitely not advise anyone to sign it. Definitely, no one should sign this,” she said.

The students showed iWitness News an undated document, purportedly issued by the university.

The document, which did not include a letterhead, was headlined “Return to Dominica Disclaimer”.

It had space for the name and signature of the signatory, the signature of a witness and the date of each signature.

If recipients sign the document, they acknowledge that they are not being forced to return to Dominica and promise not to “blame or make any claim against the University, its officers or agents for any loss or injury that I may sustain while on the island”.

But Luis de Shong, principal assistant registrar, All Saints University College of Medicine, St. Vincent Campus denied that the students were being pressured to return to Dominica.

“The return to Dominica is not mandatory. Students have a choice. They can take the decision to go back and they could ask for a transfer. What I can say to you, the students in the pre-med classes 1, 2, 3, and 4 and the MD 1, and 2, and 3, we have said that they could seek an official transfer and they have begun all of the steps which would lead to the eventual transfer. So they stayed,” he told iWitness News at the Cruise Ship Berth in Kingstown, from where the students were departing via ferry.

de Shong said that all members of faculty are returning to Dominica.

The university officials had said, “Now that Dominica is said to be back up and running, we have completed the refurbishment of the campus in Dominica and so we are moving to re-establish, recommence operation there on 7th of May when the new semester begins…”

Asked if he had visited Dominica, de Shong said:

“I did not go myself but there are officials in Dominica and also our executive dean from here, Dr. Terrence Marcelle who have been making regular visits to Dominica and that’s the information that the headquarters in Toronto has been given and so, therefore, we have taken that decision to recommence operation there on the 7th of May.”

He said that students should not expect that Dominica would be as it was the night before it was struck by the category 5 hurricane.

“It will not be the same as the night before the storm and we have emphasised that to students that they have to make some adjustments but we have been assured that the facility for us, that we own, is back up and running and they can access housing and there is adequate water and also electricity in and around Roseau, where they actually live. They hardly ever move beyond the confines of Roseau for their accommodation,” he said.

Asked specifically about the student’s claim about being coerced to return to Dominica, de Shong said:

“I am not aware of anybody pressuring anyone. Students were given the option. They could go or they could stay. If they choose to stay, they can apply for transfer. So, as far as I am aware, the persons who are actually boarding this ferry this morning took that personal decision to go.”

68 replies on “University denies forcing student to leave SVG for Dominica”

    1. i agree whole heartedly, they dont want to pay rent thats why she taking about housing avalibilty if they were bathing regularly maybe we could put up with the late payments but want to play hardy for rent and still smelling thats two extremities. Regardless of the conditions in dominica right now we are far better off than after maria, we are not in famine or suffering from starvation our soil is rich and very fertile we are eating well , drinking clean water and living in a far more peaceful environment so i dont know what they are scared of, who would want to rob or come close to one of them when they have their own self defense mechanism pr installed no one will come close far less to harm one of them. further more what business or gain you bring to dominica any way when they so damn cheap.

      1. About the whole odor stuff. Some group of students go for sports, once they are done they are all sweaty and smelling, so they decide to take the bus, so you percieve that odor the first time, no big deal, but since dominica is a small place, this set of students are always going for sports and taking a bus back home, you might probably run into them again, so what happens, you guys pick up the idea that all Nigerians smell, which is just rediculous. All am saying is that you access the situation before coming with that conclusion, am quite sure, that is how this news got around. Also seriously which dominica indigen pays 1000ec for a room and would still pay light water gas and probably internet on there own, u guys assume every Nigerian is swimming in money, but some of us are just like you guys with normal jobs back home and doing what we can to make life better for us. I’m not coming to dominica though, not because I hate the place, but I believe you guys still need time to get yourself back in order. P.s seriously you guys should stop trying to rip off student with crazy house rent, emphasis on the student part.

      2. Cheap?? Really?? Pls u guys should read what the girl said again bcos I think u guys are just ignorant. U Dominicans are just being defensive unnecessarily. How will u feel if u hear people saying all dominicans are homeless and lying on the street all over Roseau and smelling badly too??? So stop saying Nigerians are smelling pls its very annoying bcos 90% of Nigerian students don’t smell. Plus we ain’t cheap, we know how to spend money. An average Nigerian spends at least 1200ec every month. So y’all should grow up pls.

      3. Yes what that person said is complete garbage and in fact starvation is more rampant in their country. But what “smelling” have to do with that? Dont put yourself as low as the misinformed and ignorant person who said that about Dominica.

      4. Common sense says:

        You need help because you are xenophobic…you need to travel the world and just have some common sense

      5. Why are you people being so mean to these student. These comments are completely uncalled for. Shame on you for insulting the Nigerian people in this way. What is wrong with you people? You too could find yourselves in similar situation.

    1. Sisserou Parrot says:

      Are you comparing Dominica with Nigeria and crime? Woman we are not starving in Domimica. We still have lots of water for a fresh bath, roll on for the underarm, for that terrible odor. Food to eat.
      Get real and know your place. Natural disasters happen everywhere. Malaria is a disaster.
      We doh ask you to come Dominica???????

      1. You Dominicans are just uneducated, you speak of us not helping your economy, us complaining about your crime rate…. you all need to be real with yourselves mehn. Admit it that the students are helping your economy to thrive as for this crime rate I’ve experienced it first hand at least in Nigeria people don’t come to students houses to steal from them .. UNEDUCATED LOCALS!!!!

      2. Natural disaster doesn’t affect Nigeria @Sis Parrot…… Wat about Chikunguya in ur country or the high rate of weed addicts that r flooding ur so called capital “Roseau”…If u guys r so “educated” or exposed, u guys won’t even open that ur mouth to compare Dominica and Nigeria… Some villages not cities or towns in Nigeria are far better than Dominica…U guys r always so defensive and accusing us of being thieves, having body odour, poor etc. When the fact is that u all r just projecting wat u feel about urselves onto us… Nobody knows ur island, Hurricane Maria just made u ppl significant, the only island people knew of that starts with a D is Dominican republic, so u guys had to go take part of their name to confuse ppl when booking holiday destinations in the Caribbean, Lmao….U guys should just focus all ur energy on building ur country…

      3. @parrot please have you ever left the borders of Dominica I mean you are so incompetent and foolish and mentally deranged God there is no more words for your stupidity
        We are helping your economy so damn much and you still talk
        Yes we can’t compare Dominica to Nigeria cause its an insult to Nigeria
        And who said we are starving you think it’s to be roasting coconut and be drinking the water
        Try and travel or at least if you even have acess to the Internet Google about Nigeria look at the country check the images . And know what it means to be living in a country not Nota village like yours

    2. Dasheen and Fig says:

      Funniest joke of the century, Let’s start with dead agricultural department in Dominica and the Haitians that farming to feed you all dasheen and fig. When dasheen and fig finish then u can come and talk about eating proper food in Dominica. One person in Nigeria can feed the whole of Dominica for a year, well that’s if Dominica comes back on the map.

  1. Famine in Dominica? WTF….my girl want to enjoy svg on people account. Go back where you come out if Dominica so bad.

  2. Wtf you talkin bout high crime rate you guys have buses bringing you to and frm the school and crimes are being comitted every where so what!…strupesssss first of all …you students are not benefificial to the country, allu cheap cheap cheap allu don’t support no local business talking bout starvation Gtfoh not like allu does eat anyways. Secondly allu are not that friendly! We dont need this kinda negativity in our country

    1. Excuse me; I’m not in Dominica but I was there. Just for your info, our presence gave a lot of people income and employment. Our landlords had a steady income because some “indigenes” can’t afford to pay such an expensive rent. Also, the people working in our schools. We do our shopping and the places where we shop have more income so before you talk, think well.

  3. Wtf!@@ This is not true. Normalcy has been restored. This site should be sued by the Government and people of Dominica. Did the publisher come to Dominica to verify? Stores and other commerce are up and tunning. Buildings are being repaired….i am in Dominica btw

  4. Proud to be Dominican says:

    I rebuke that in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Dominica doesn’t have high crime. Dominica will not get famine. In tge Name of Jesus Dominica is blessed.

    Did we Dominicans begged you to come and study in our country? No. You do not like it go back to your country.

    What is the real reason some of you do not eant to come back to Dominica? Is it because of what some of you did early hours if September 19th 2917 fews hours if the storm while we were battering tropical storm winds? You know exactly what you guys did.

    1. U mean wat u also did right? ?????…. Don’t call God into this..If u have the fear of God in u, u won’t write this rubbish, because u can’t tell me u ain’t guilty of whatever happened in the early hours of Sept 19 2017???

  5. Civil Engineer says:

    Dominica is way better than this student claims. The country is doing very well in such a short space of time. Housing is pacing back to track and no one is starving. We don’t have a high crime rate. I don’t even think we have had any murder for the year. Smh. It’s a very bad aND dishonest picture this student is creating about Dominica.

  6. Commons sense says:

    OMG. How can you lie like this? We have worked so hard to rebuild our beloved country, the streets are cleaned and houses are being rebuilt everyday. All foreign military have left because like is back to normal. And you dare to say there is a FAMINE?? Dear God if you ever become a doctor I would not put my life in your stupid hands. I’ll be having pork for lunch today, probably better ham the rice and beans you going to be eating today. GTFOH

  7. Proud Dominican says:

    but this students rude . where in Dominica there is famine ? supermarkets and shops are open . so where is the famine ? Dont come and make the country look like is village in Africa . We are doing very good .

  8. High Crime rate? Famine? Starvation? Ummm what? Good thing the rest of the Caribbean knows better than that.

  9. What you mean crime rate is high in Dominica. Why are you in Dominica so far away from your country to start with? Ungrateful! Who esle would accept you at their university? Out there talking about crime rate high and no food to eat. Go back where you came from

  10. All you doh see the woman get a man in svd. Dominica man doh want her smelling ram goat self. […] All now I jus had a health fish lunch. U maybe all hungry on your dry bread and egg every day. I vex wi.

    1. Pls u can have ur uncivilised and annoying Dominican men that are all over us. And yes they are not our type, no even close

    2. Nobody wants a Dominican man if we are all being honest here lol. Stooping that low??? Please

    3. Lmaoo…nobody wants Dominican men and sadly they don’t want y’all too…all they do is leave y’all pregnant and run

  11. Tell that woman to HHMA which crime rate is she talking about? She may be meet some little man in St Vincent so she prefer to remain there so she better watch her mouth.

  12. wow, a tricky and far from pleasant situation as a student ,but that does not give that individual any right to such harsh remarks about the island.

  13. I expected IWN to witness the situation on the ground in Dominica before posting this story. This story is not balanced

  14. The stinky ordor they have when they refuse to use deodorant and take a proper bath. We don’t need that shit. What starvation and crime rate…huh…don’t come back stay your stinky seld in AVG.

    1. Lol Dominicans are so ignorant. Hostile to visitors and backwards. You think you’re better than Africans thats why you are in denial of the facts. why are you getting mad over the truth? Maybe she was wrong in saying there is famine. But the truth is nobody wants to stay because y’all stoop low enough to rob students. STUDENTS!! that don’t work and are just trying to get an education. You extort them for rent charging 5x the amount. Cheat them in the stores and still have the nerve to be offended when they speak the truth. You people really need to travel more and see that your country is not all that. Blind Leading the blind. Refusing to accept your flaws. So sad indeed. And by the way you.people.also.smell.

      1. Glad to see you accepted that you smell. And what dumb economy wouldn’t raise the rent for students. Keep quiet

    2. Lol ….Maybe someone should have informed them on arrival at the airport. Alas! Take a bath for goodness sake. 365 streams and rivers . And, the ocean is right there to take away the acid thus cleansing the skin and beyond

  15. EVERYONE IS MISSING THE POINT . Can’t you see that his article is not about 2 great countries (Dominica and Nigeria). It is ABOUT A BUNCH OF SHAMELESS LIARS WITH ZERO CREDIBILITY. All saints university Dominica dean and registrar sent an email to the students to attend a meeting where they were told they MUST all return to Dominica and anyone who stayed behind does so at their peril. ALL the students said they would rather return in September , but they turned deaf ears. And to now lie in public? HOW LOW CAN YOU STOOP, YOU ADULT LIARS!!! Remember that Students have multiple email evidences to prove this,so watch your mouth!

  16. Dominican to the bone says:

    Girl take a back seat??? Famine in Dominica?? where?? so wait!! The Crime Rate in Dominica is higher than St.Vincent??? Girl take two back seats on a flight back to Nigeria…Dont sign the letter and don’t come back!! we welcome all other students not you and the likes of you…peace our my girl…

  17. Okay guys, it’s not every student that is saying what this student is saying, and I think everybody has the right to say what ever he or she feels, but what I know is that it is not all the student that made this comment Thank you.

    1. she is forgiven for she does not know any better, but she is not spared for the rod of correction and she has alot of correction to take before anyone else forgive that fowl lieing tongue of hers.

  18. The fact of the matter this person had a choice to stay or to go, i am not sure if she has common sense or is being plain stupid, you had the choice to stay in st Vincent and continue your studies or come back to Dominica yet you chose to come back to Dominica. st Vincent crime rate is much higher than Dominica thats for sure and maybe if she got out of her ignorant bubble, she would see that no one cares or even wants her back. im assuming she speaks for herself seeing that she was the only one who spoke to iwit news am sure if the others felt the same more than one person would speak up, i commend the professor who spoke the truth about students choice in the matter, i hope when she comes back that she isnt going to starve to death or be an object of great violence because that would be on the Dominican fault to stoop to the ram goat smelling, horse hair wearing she devil’s level. as for the comment about uneducated locals, seems like you need to be retaught on how to spell, get your heads out the clouds and follow up before you speak, show evidence before you persecute. we Dominicans are loving, caring and resilient people we dont need your fowl odors or negativity in our country.

  19. I think people are taking this to far, she made a statement that puts dominica in a bad place. You can always prove to the world, that what she said isn’t true, that’s why there are many social media outlets. She has the right to her opinion and you guys have yours too, so exercise it if you want. I’m more concerned with the whole odor stigma. Dominica is a small place and basically all major activities happen in Roseau, just because you’ve noticed a few student do not observe proper hygiene and there is a chances you would run into them numerous times, because of how close people are on dominica, doesn’t make it right to generalize every Nigeria as smelling and unhygienic individual. The people of dominica are like family and I’ve experienced first hand in the gym I attended,when I was there. It just pains me anytime I here that Nigerians smell, it hurts me, just as this one girls statement hurts you now. Do to others what you want to be done to u.

  20. But honestly housing is quite expensive in dominica compared to SVG. I’m not saying crime is high in dominica, but crime and robbery targeted against Nigerian student, especially in Goodwill street is high, and that was before hurricane Maria, reporting to the police is just a waste of time, nothing gets done, probably is a universal thing everywhere, that the police don’t think, it’s worth there attention. I think that’s my only problem with dominica, all in all, dominica is a cool place.

  21. OMG! …Are you serious @Nigerian student? First of all, All Saints may not even be an accredited school. Maybe you should go back to Nigeria where you came from with all those scam artists begging for money all over the world. Nigerians are noted for being thieves. There is high prevalence of hunger and starvation, war, malnutrition and diseases of all kinds. Please don’t come here and try giving Dominica a bad name. Yes, there was a natural disaster , the country was devastated but Dominica is getting back on it’s feet but don’t come and say there is farmine and starvation. Save that comment for when you return to face your natural life in Nigeria….(Hut resident). I am pretty sure you learned about personal hygiene in Dominica because we smell good compared to skunks like you from Nigeria. You people are noted for not bathing or using body lotions and fragrances. Go back to Nigeria, we don’t need your kind in our beautiful island.

    1. Hut resident, hunger and starvation???? Pls u need to update ur views on Nigeria. Bcos ur so called better country is like a village in Nigeria. U think the students wanted to come to Dominica??? We were all disappointed when we saw ur 3 bedroom flat airport because we thought u were going to a better island. So we just stayed because our parents already spent alot of money, because unlike u guys that get loans from the bank, we come here with our personal money. So do u think people that have malnutrition and hunger will be able to afford food, rent, tuition and ur expensive accommodation???? Well is so unfortunately that u still think Africa is the way it was before, sorry to disappoint u but we have grown far away from ur imaginations. And yes we had scam artists but at least they were so intelligent that they can convince u to send them ur money. U should visit Nigeria I’m sure u won’t want the visit to end. So stop hating and accept the truth. And yes u guys claim some people smell but u forget the Dominicans on the street of Roseau right? Go and make them stop smelling so badly. Remove the stone in ur eyes so that u can see clearly to remove the dust in my eyes.

      1. Mtchew, I will not waste my precious time arguing with you. I’m just saying the things that I know that are facts about Nigeria. Just accept it that you all live in huts with dirt floors, bathe in the same water you all shit in because you all lack proper sewage system and running water. High rate in malaria.
        DAMNASS!!! How can you compare the size of Dominica to Nigeria? And, Dominica is oh so small but it’s Dominica that saved your stupid ungrateful cheap self.You came from thousands of miles across the Atlantic Ocean to look for education in a tiny islandwhich is not even on the map? . I bet you applied to go to school in the U.K and the U.S and they rejected your ashy skin. You all want to come from nothing from your land and be treated like kings and queens in foreign land.
        Don’t come talking about spending alot of money…yeah ‘shillings’ which is worthless. $500 shillings is equivalent to $1 EC. Tell your parents to do more farming, breed more cows to finish paying for your schooling because they need at least $5,000,000 shillings to spend in Dominica. We need that money to clean up the vagrants walking the streets of Roseau. I wonder why of all nationalities, Nigerians are the only ones attending All Saints. Scam school

    2. Lool, u r funny ooo…The owner of the school is Nigerian, so why won’t there be a lot of Nigerians in the school…. If we were rejected by US and UK schools, at least we r not the only nationality studying medicine in the Caribbean…Ppl going to Ross are they not mostly Americans or Canadians, why aren’t they studying in their own country….U only have mouth when it comes to Nigerians, why ain’t u asking Ross students not to come back, anyway they ain’t coming back soon, at least our school has come back to feed ppl like u by offering u jobs in our school.. U guys r so full hate.. […] Hippocrate….We should tell our parents to do more farming, u do more farming so u guys can have food and not starve….who uses shillings, u r so unexposed, thats why u keep spewing all this trash here…Stop wasting ur money going to a Cafe to comment on this site, save it for College, cos u need an education especially in Current affairs…Ode

  22. What that person said is total garbage and that famine part really pissed me off. But what also piss me off is some of allu just as bad talking about they smelling, they cheap, they want man in St. Vincent etc. Dont criticize all of them for what the person sent to this news site and for the defending the person in the article. Peace and love.

  23. These stupid Africans leave their country and come to all saints because they are not educated enough to get into a proper school. They came to Dominica and can’t pay their rent, smelling like TI Kabwit and want to say they don’t want to go back. Who send for allu? Go back where allu come from! Ross students are not ungrateful like you all go back Africa setta dirty foot. Talking about crime rate! Tell me how many murders since the storm? They does claim to be robbed thinking they wud get money trust me nobody want to even come close to them

    1. I can smell ignorance all over the rubbish u just typed @upset. I hope u guys remember ur Ancestors are africans. Incase u don’t know, ur little dominica that we have to zoom the map to see is not up to a village in Nigeria. Well iI don’t blame y’all. I blame the university for not giving us enough information before collecting our hard earned money. Some of us thought we were going to Dominican Republic (where u guys borrowed the name). We should be grateful for what???? Pls go and learn from the other islands how to treat and reapect people. Ross students are grateful to u??? Go and bring them back to ur country. Mtchew.

      1. Ross students have not criticized Dominica the way you all have. They are much closer to Dominica and they come from a land where all the ammenities are but yet they chose to come to Dominica to do their studies. At any point they could transfer their credits to a university in the U.S but chose to complete their entire 4 yrs on the island. And, Ross is accredited

    2. And this is why Dominica stays the way it is. if at this point in history you think Africans – your ancestors- still live in huts then you have a loooong way to go. The richest black man in the world is Nigerian by the way and an average Nigerian can buy you and your family with cash. Truly it’s disappointment we feel when we first arrive to be greeted by your 2bdrm airport. We endure that and endure the rent and the ridiculousness of not being able to buy quality things on the island and your nasty attitudes for two years before we leave. And instead of you to be grateful you have the guts to open your mouth and talk. You’ve never wondered why so many students pass through your island and never want to live there, nothing good to say about it. Truly saddening. you guys are so in denial. Your men don’t work, you don’t go to school. Haitans feed you. Cubans run your hospital. You don’t export anything. You are not known for anything in the world. Just so satisfied with your status quo and the village you call a country that Skerrit would probably sell to me. Lmao. Improve yourselves before you insult other people. Use your wifi to google Africa and nigeria. Expand your knowledge so you don’t sound so ignorant. That’s all.

      1. Maybe you should advise the richest Nigerian to open a university to accommodate you in Nigeria so you wouldn’t have to fly for thousands of miles to a tiny island to get an education.

  24. Hello all, The student interviewed in the article does not represent the majority of views of the students of all saints, most especially the views of the students that chose to return out of knowledge and respect of Dominica and Dominicans.. the comments she made in the article come from a place of fear and her own personal issues, she was out of line and ignorant.
    Please take her comments as a grain of salt. The students that are back right now are a new and different crop of students who are clean as much as possible and definitely aware of the impact of Maria and also a clear understanding that as visitors to your country there is mutual respect as much as possible.. I would even go as far as apologizing for the inane comments made by the interviewee., it has been brought to the attention of the school and I can assure Dominicans that the current and new students in Dominica are students that really and truly want to be in Dominica and learn.

  25. @ Nuke U are so naive and ignorant. U don’t even know what our currency is called or even the conversion rate u are just busy typing nonsense.u are so foolish to think we bathe in d same water we drink or live in huts. OMG pls get an education. At least use the phone u are using to type rubbish to google Nigeria. And u won’t be able to compare. U should be ashamed of ur self for having no information before u type. Well I don’t blame u, I blame the school for deceiving us to come to ur country. And if u think our parents are farming, u are just foolish. U don’t even make sense go and enlighten ur self. Because u are just disgracing urself and ur country with so much ignorance. I personally applied to a school in the caribbean bcos I fell inlove with the Caribbean after a vacation with my family. Trust me I still love the Caribbean because i realize other countries are not as ignorant, uncivilized and annoying as u guys. And u are a living proof of how ignorant Dominicans are.

  26. Empty skull says:

    @NUKE……you’re very very pathetic and its sad that even with the large brain you say you have, you cannot think properly….I alone can buy you and your whole properties twice and still remain lots of change..better go and build your house well, sit down and think of something else to do than insult Nigerians that are way better than you.
    …you should be opportuned to have Nigerians in your country…at least we’re not depending on Haitians to feed us….we pay our bills and we sure deserve some accolades!! Oya where are you?? Do you pay your bills??…how can you…when you’re lazying about letting your brain carry nonsense info about Nigerians…you use mortgage to pay for your house sef…then they have to sell you plus all your properties to compensate for one house…my friend park well!!
    You’re a Dominican, yet you don’t even know that there are other Nationalities in All Saints…Xenophobic, lazy person be walking around with evil intentions….No matter what you say or think…you still no reach our slippers wey we dey wear…so keep lazying about….Haters gonna hate??

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