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St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) and the European Union have signed a grant agreement for EC$3 million (900,000 euros) to support the Government in implementing programmes under the country’s cooperation strategy with the European Union.

Daniela Tramacere, EU Ambassador to SVG, said: “I am pleased that this grant can support the efficient implementation of existing and upcoming rural infrastructure projects aiming to improve the health, agriculture and transport services on the island.”

Some of the funds will also go towards helping the government efficiently design and implement programmes financed primarily under the European Development Fund, and will also provide policy design and implementation advice through technical assistance for focal sectors and line ministries.

The package will contribute to the achievement of the national priorities mainly in the road infrastructure sector by improving decision making, helping to optimise resources and facilitating the development of a climate resilient road network.

The upcoming programme complemented by this agreement will focus on a systematic approach to road maintenance, highly involving local communities and will contribute to the country’s efforts to build a climate and disaster-resilient infrastructure.

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The common aim of SVG and the EU through their long-lasting partnership is to reduce the vulnerability of the country to climate change and natural disasters in particular. It also seeks to improve the welfare of its citizens by supporting the health, agriculture and road infrastructure sectors, and thus advancing in the achievement of the relevant Sustainable Development Goals.

4 replies on “St. Vincent gets $3m EU grant”

  1. More Euros ah go be coming soon, fo we fo write-up and put-up some road names fo wen dem European tourist come yah big time.

    Odderwise dem people day ah go get lost inna de country side or pon dem traveling round, if dem ah go go beyond de Botanical Garden.

  2. Enough is enough says:

    Communities through out the island should demand that they have a say so in how this money is spent, before a dime leaves the coffer. It’s ridiculous to see for all the grants etc this gov’t gets from all these people there is never any real change. The aesthetics, delivery of services and employment opportunities remain dire.
    Where does all this money go?????

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