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Kristofa Morgan outside the Kingstown Magistrate's Court last Monday. (iWN photo)
Kristofa Morgan outside the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court last Monday. (iWN photo)
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By Ashford Peters

On the day that his parents and older sister were jailed for dousing a man with hot water, Kristofa Morgan, on Monday, assaulted journalist Kenton Chance outside the court, where the sentence was handed down.

Chance, executive editor of iWitness News, was videotaping activities outside the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court when Kristofa, 18, was seen walking behind his convicted sister, Krystal.

Police were escorting Krystal, 23, to the restroom, minutes after she was sentenced, along with her parents Nigel and Althia Morgan, for pouring a hot liquid on Caruth resident Cuthbert Victory two years earlier.

As Chance was apparently videotaping Krystal in police custody, Kristofa, with arms wide open, was observed walking towards the direction of Chance and another journalist who were standing in the area of the car park which is on a slightly higher level.

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On reaching close to Chance, Kristofa suddenly stopped and grabbed Chance by the hand.

He appeared to be applying force to Chance’s hand.

“Oye! Oye! Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me!” Chance shouted at Kristofa, who released the reporter’s hand after a brief moment and continued walking.

Chance continued videotaping.

He later told his colleagues and other person outside the court that Kristofa had held his hand with vice-like grip.

One woman, to the amusement of the crowd outside the court commented, “Like the demon dey in he mek he squeeze the man so hard.”

During the trial, Nigel had told the court that on the day that he and his wife and daughter burned Victory, the plaintiff was acting as if he was in need of spiritual deliverance.

Krystal had told the court that she felt as if her soul had left her body when she left the upper floor of two-storey house and went to the street, where she poured the hot contents of the kettle on Victory.

Minutes after assaulting Chance, Kristofa was observed exhibiting reluctance to obey police orders to not follow his sister, who was being taken to the restroom on the upper floor of the two-storey building.

The Serious Offences Court is located in the section of the building where Krystal was being taken to the restroom.

Police further asked Kristofa to move from the area but he remained there.

As Kristofa continued to disobey the orders of several uniformed police officers to vacate the area, one officer moved closer to him and escorted him from the area close to the holding cell and up to where a small crowd was gathered.

Nigel, Althia, and Krystal were, on Monday, found guilty of a joint charge that on April 9, 2016, at Hopewell, Mesopotamia, they unlawfully and maliciously inflicted grievous bodily harm on Victory.

Victory received burns to his back, chest and face when Krystal poured on him a kettle of hot liquid –said to be water — as her parents held him in a gutter just outside their home in Hopewell.

17 replies on “Morgans’ son assaults journalist outside court”

  1. Lmao lols…. Whats the legal definition of an assault in SVG?? I would love to know, and was any bruises or swelling obtained from the vicious vice grip ” holding of his hand.

  2. A. McKenzie says:

    It would appear that Kristola’s behavior bears some resemblance to that of his father. Thus the old adage like father like son. Why should he want to assault Kenton for doing his work? Does he think he can get away with it or he thinks kenton is will not retaliate?

  3. My friend, simply touching a person can be considered an assault. One doesn’t has to bruises or swelling to complain of being assaulted. Nuff said

  4. Can you imagine the emotional state the young man was in at that time? Yet you pushed yourself in his face. You luky is just your hand he grabbed. Mr Peters did you just attach your name to this story or were u an “I witness”? Smdh

    1. Enough is enough says:

      It doesn’t matter what his emotional state is, whether he is upset or not. He like all of us are responsible for how we behave, include being in control of our emotions. Clearly it’s a lesson he didn’t learn at home, nor did he gain this understanding after witnessing his father, mother and sister sentenced to 4 years for exactly the same behavior. He is lucky the journalist respects himself and his profession. It could have been someone else and he would have knocked him out and would have been fully within his right to do so. What he did is assault Mr. Chance .

  5. C. ben-David says:

    Mr. Chance should have taken off the boy’s face with his camera. These people are all devils masquerading as Christians.

    1. Smh… But if he do that he won’t be no better than the young man’s parents that just received 4yrs for poring of hot water on someone that provoked a confrontation to begin with lol smfh such bias smh

  6. I observed the video of Mr. Chance attempting to question Krystal on the way to the bathroom. He was indeed on a higher level than her and was within his right as a journalist to try to elicit responses from the defendant.

    The video also highlighted the son motioning to Mr. Chance but did not show what exactly, if anything the son did to Mr. Chance. Thus, while I cannot comment on whether the son did assault Mr. Chance, the video clearly showed some provocation by the son to Mr. Chance, who did not do anything to provoke the young man and his sister.

    The son’s behavior, therefore begs many questions……

  7. These are obviously an out of control Satanic family masquerading as representatives of God.

  8. Annis Creese says:

    GT, let us just say this is a satanic family. All cut from the same cloth. None cannot hold back none. I have already said that they are mad people. First time in my life that you hear of a family working together in this satanic manner. The son seems to be out of his mind, though.

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