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The Petit Bordel man who was savagely beaten by fellow villager last Friday, days after police declared him wanted in connection with the sexual assault of a 10-year-old girl has appeared in court.

Simeon “Gabo” Francois2
Police escort and Simeon “Gabo” Francois from the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court on Thursday. Villagers savagely beat him in Petit Bordel last Friday. (iWN photo)

Simeon “Gabo” Francois, 33, has been charged with abduction, buggery, attempted rape and assault occasioning actual bodily harm in connection with the violation of the child.

He was brought before Senior Magistrate Rickie Burnett at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court on Thursday.

The man was arraigned in-camera before the magistrate, who is also vice-president of the Family Court.

Burnett denied Francois bail and adjourned the matters to the Family Court on May 28.

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Francois attended court with a cast to his left arm and a bandage to his forehead.

Villagers beat him savagely in Petit Bordel last week Friday after nabbing him several days after police had issued a wanted bulletin for him.

Reports are that the little girl had gone to a shop close to her house and her relatives became concerned after she did not return in a reasonable time.

Villagers mounted a search party and the girl was found around 9 p.m. near a waterfall in a remote part of the North Leeward community.

12 replies on “Peto man charged with abduction, buggery of 10-y-o girl”

  1. I do not believe in vigilante justice. As frustrated as the nation may be, we are a country governed by rules and laws. Two wrongs will never make a right!

    I do hope that justice will be done swiftly and correctly in this trial and if the accused is guilty, that he will feel the full length of the law.

    My heart aches for the young child who may face scares forever. I do hope that she finds some peace!

    1. Vincy lawyer my friend I hear you about vigilante justice….. But who feels it knows it. Especially given the slap on the wrist” some of these criminals receive from the judicial system.
      He lucky he still alive…

      1. I have children and so I can only imagine but I am a creature of the law. I am not saying it will be easy swallowing the crime or the sentence, but what good will I do to those I left behind in going “eye for an eye?”

        Easier said than done. I know…..

        My heart aches for the children and their families.

    2. Two wrong sure don’t make a right but sure make it even and it feel good and look good too, People do not want to take the law into their hand but when the law and policing fail you time after time, you really do not give people much of a choice here, how the hell you get more time sealing some fruits than raping and putting a innocent child life in danger, man look if the law is not going to protect mines, i will make sure the next time someone trying to doing stuff like this they will think twice, whoop that ass real good.

  2. Poetic justice says:

    They are correct to beat the rash out of him, vigilante style. They should necklace him also.

  3. Why do we have so many pedophiles in Saint Vincent? So many sexual offenders in general? We must be doing something wrong.

    1. C. ben-David says:

      No more than in the past unless you can prove otherwise. There is simply more reporting of such wickedness which, by itself, would act as a constraint on all types of sexual assault.

      I am old enough to remember that an offense like this would receive a “country” fine of a bull cattle or equivalent by the perpetrator to the vicim’s family, if he could afford it.

      These people should also receive a mock hanging — another “country” punishment that is nearly extinct — to shame them and warn others not to do such nastiness.

  4. I believe in vigilante justice in this case because here you have a reprobate [allegedly] sexually assaulting a child of only 10 years old. […]

    1. Castration with a blunt rusty knife, then staked to an ants nest for any one convicted of such crimes.

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