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The injured woman, 20-year-old Teresha Edwards. (iWN photo)
The injured woman, 20-year-old Teresha Edwards. (iWN photo)

The Petit Bordel woman accused of inflicting a savage cutlass chop to her god-daughter’s left arm is due for bail review today (Friday).

Margaret ‘Ole Gyal’ Smith, 35, was denied bail last Friday when she appeared before Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne-Matthias at the Serious Offences Court.

Teresha Edwards 2
Teresha Edwards shows her injured arm. (iWN photo)

She is charged with maliciously wounding Teresha Edwards, 20, also of Petit Bordel, in the North Leeward village on May 14.

Senior Prosecutor Adolphus Delplesche had objected to the woman’s bail, noting that the virtual complainant was still in hospital and was slated to undergo another surgery.

Edwards has undergone what has been described as a successful surgical intervention and has since been discharged from hospital.

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She told iWitness News on Thursday that she has more than 70 stitches to her arm and has limited mobility in her fingers.

The unemployed mother has a cast and a bandage from her elbow to hand.

In one of two videos that surfaced last week, Edwards was attacked while holding her 1-year-old child in her arms by a woman who attempted to hit her with a large stone in her head while collaring her with one hand.

In another video, a woman looking exactly like the woman in the other video, chops Edwards on the arm after a scuffle between the attacker and another woman, who had, at one point, relieved the attacker of the cutlass.

2 replies on “Woman charged with chopping godchild set for bail review”

  1. This case like so many baffles me that when incidents of this nature occur, the first thing people do is to take out their phones and record. We have become so enslaved to these technological device. I feel like humanity and basic empathy disappears, as people strive to be the first person to record and share these horrific incidents.

    There were so many people standing around yet, no one (the argument will be perhaps fear of one’s own life #rolls eyes) thought it best to intervene and to try to prevent this incident.

    I do not know what may have caused the defendant to act like this. However, pretty soon, she may have enough time to contemplate her foolish actions.

    Violence is never the answer. Do the crime, take the time!

  2. Luenda Gordon says:

    What bordered me most after several attempts to hit the woman in her head with the stone, she ask some one to bring the knife. What was she going to do ? Was she going to kill the woman with her baby holding in her hand?And that wasn’t enough she lay waiting with a cutlass. to Kill the woman.i hope she will be charged for attempted murder.

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