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The deceased, Antonia "Toni" Rose. (Photo: Facebook)
The deceased, Antonia “Toni” Rose. (Photo: Facebook)
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A New York-based Vincentian woman who was in St. Vincent for her mother’s funeral was found murdered in Queen’s Drive on Friday.

The woman is 69-year-old Antonia “Toni” Rose, daughter of Germaine “Granny” Rose, who was buried on May 26.

Reports are that Antonia’s body was found bound and hanging at the home of her brother, Dexter Rose and his wife, Lotier.

The murdered woman’s body was found by her sister-in-law when she returned to the house, where Antonia has been home alone on Friday.

A police source told iWitness News that detectives are working on a theory that Antonia was robbed then murdered.

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Antonia is also the sister of Conley Rose and social commentator, Renwick Rose.

30 replies on “New York-based woman murdered in St. Vincent”

  1. Annis Creese says:

    The investigators will have to probe whether she had a dispute or feud with someone close, even before she left SVG for the USA. It seems like a revenge killing might have been in the planning for some time. Who would be brave enough to enter that home and commit such an act when the other two residents were not at home? No sign of robbery was mentioned; and even if there was a robbery, why kill so brutally- trauma to the body, bound- and the hanging especially sends a message. The police’s theory of being robbed then murdered- but why hang her?

    1. Robbery? I seem to remember that there have been cases of theft/burglary/robbery while families of the deceased were at the funeral or the home was otherwise vacant. That appeared to have happened during the funeral of “Caribbean Pete” – God rests his soul. So the police could have cause to believe this was also a case of robbery.

      Hanging by the neck? Recently, several persons have been found dead by hanging … three in about a month, from 15 yrs to 69 years. Is there anything in common? If the victim was bound, and/or gagged the police could likely rule out suicide.

      How does a person get to go from being beaten, gagged and bound to being hanged? In this case the victim was a quite attractive senior citizen. Was she sexually assaulted?

      Feuding for inheritance? This would be rather remote. If there wa a will, killing her would not change the terms of the will. In fact any inheritance that she was entitled to in the will would pass to her estate. If she has no heirs her share of the mother’s estate would be divided equally among the other siblings. So, is it logical that all of the siblings would conspire to beat and hang her? Likewise, in the absence of a will her mother’s estate would be divided equally among the heirs.

      The location- Queen’s Drive is a rather affluent part of SVG. Does this support a reason for robbery? Was it accidental that this lady was alone at home when the property was burglarized?

      The family – certainly, the police must not rule out anyone. A thorough investigation must be conducted—even in the United States. What was happening in the life of the deceased before she left for SVG?

      Having raised these questions, it does not make me feel any better.

      May God comfort the family and friends of the dearly departed in this double hour of grief. And may the police double the efforts to solve all of these crimes. After all, there is a crisis of lawlessness, violent crimes, sexual crimes, larceny, indecency, etc. in our beloved country. We must work to turn the tide by all means necessary, including faith in God to take positive actions for the betterment of Hairouna.

      May God bless us all.

      Vinci Vin

      1. I couldn’t have said any of this better myself…..well said!

        SIP to the victims – my heart goes out to Ms. Rose as she knew me from since the days of my youth 🙁 truly a beloved woman! 🙁 🙁 🙁

  2. So sad. My heart goes out to this family who are now grieving the loss of a mother and her daughter. How can anyone, especially those returning from abroad feel safe in SVG? Shocking!

    Vinci Vin

  3. R.I.P
    I am so sorry to hear this. I was raised by this Family when I was living in St Vincent.
    Very sad ???

  4. Why why people could be so wicked to each other the lady just buried her mom and look what happen to her, it’s ah shame this person/persons when caught need the full penalty of law, come on people in St . Vincent people can’t leave another man’s country /State to go back in their own home land to not even self to buried a dead what ah shame Sorry to say but St.Vincent finished, finished.better off living ah foreign.

  5. What ah shame in Vincy the lady just buried her mom and now the family have her now to buried just because of some son of ah bitch,it’s ah shame St . Vincent finished .

  6. Why do the police always rush to judgement in cases like this by assuming that some outsider was responsible when the scientific literature clearly shows that most people are murdered by people they are intimately acquainted with.

    If you don’t believe me, then ask Nicole Brown-Simpson, O.J.’s ex-wife.

    Oh, I forgot, she’s dead.

    1. Heartless Ben-David, the question is.” ..why do you rush to judgement in cases like this by assuming some off the cuff insultive demeaning shite”?

    2. Oh shut your mouth were u there when she was murdered how do u know O.J. Simpson killed his wife do u know how many innocent men/women goes to jail for crimes they did not commit .who made u a judge .what authority do u have to speak .until u have know for a fact that O.J has done it then I would advise u to leave it alone .

  7. C.ben-David i am with you with this one that people are usually killed by their acquaintance. this is statistics. The killer or killers had intimate knowledge of the surrounding and environment.They were certain they won’t be caught and this is why the resorted to hang her when they are finished. They had time is on their hand which supports the theory that it might have been an inside job. They were not afraid of being caught. A thief will want to get in fast and get out .

  8. C.Ben you are right in cases like these the first people that the cops look at is the imediate famiy but that’s here in the US svg is another matter the police there is a big joke they need to look at the ID channel they will learn plenty.

  9. Agustus Carr says:

    Very sad indeed. May her soul rest in peace. I am sure this lady is a US citizen as well. We must therefore be prepared for some bad press.

    If I were investigating this crime I would not be looking too far. This has to be someone who is familiar with this ladies movements, perhaps someone within the neighborhood. A thorough forensic examination of the crime scene would provide some valuable clues.

  10. Nicole Scot Williams says:

    Very sad shame on this punk/s i am looking forward to the arrestation of those responsible. FBI should be involved if necessary.

  11. M. C. Gregg says:

    Hmmm…full investigation is needed. We’re there assets left by the deceased mother that had to be shared among the siblings? Many more questions…

  12. Ya this don’t seem like a robbery to me. This looks like someone would benefit huge if this person is dead “insurance”. Murdering and hanging seems quite a bit much if someone just wanted a quick money.

  13. Wow C. Ben Ben who ever you are such a (moronic) statement someone just lost a daughter a mother a sister a cousin, a friend have a heart and show a little remorse. It’s obvious you have issues with the police buy this is not the postor time to express that, smh.

  14. What a crying shame every loss of life is. Yet another blemish on SVG. Lets hope this case gets solved quickly.

  15. Chris Roach where did C.ben-David went wrong in his analysis of his thought process. Remember everyone is in titled to his or her opinion. I fail to see how he has hatred for the police.


    As I said before, I was thinking of moving back to saint Vincent now that o am older, but after listening to what is going on in that country it makes me think twice, i will die here in the big USA.


    I would like to extend belated condolences to Mr. Dexter Rose and his spouse, Lotier, Bro. Conley Rose (Chivambo), and Bro. Renwick Rose (Kamara), on the sad passing, Wednesday, May 2nd, of their beloved mother, Sis. Germaine Monica Rose, who made such a stirling contribution to Pre-School/Nursery education in the Greater Kingstown area – – – but moreso, especially, now, I profer my heatfelt condolences to them, other family members and relatives, on the tragic loss of their beloved sister, Antonia “Toni” Rose, Friday, June 15th. May the First Cause, Higher Being, assist the Rose family in recovering and resurging from this most tragic period in their lives. Shout out to De Man Age.
    May both Mrs. Germaine Monica Rose and her loving daughter, Antonia “Toni” Rose rest in peace.
    Your Compatriot
    Steve Huggins (Karamo Ajene).

  18. I was so sorry to hear this about Ms. Rose. I worked with her here in NY. She was a lovely and kind woman. Never troubled no one. She will be missed. On behalf of all the people here in the Dept. of Social Services R.I.P.

  19. Audrey Williams says:

    Words can’t explain how heartbreaker i am to hear about the murder of my neighbor i am shack my condolences to y’all

  20. Oh so so sad.I can’t believe this has happened to “Toni”. Very Shocking.!!! May her soul R . I . P
    My condolences to her sister Fern Cato, brothers Renwick, Dexter, Conley and their families. Other relatives and friends.

  21. Winnie Francis says:

    I have all the comments and opinions. I think this act of crime was well planned or premeditated. The culprits knew she has life insurance, pension, retirement, savings plus assets to be inherited from her mom. Lets thinks for a moment or could be a hit man was hired by one family member?
    These are some factors the killer/ killers had in mind TIME, HOW, & TRYING TO DESTROY EVIDENCE. If this is a one man act then this is a strong man.
    I questioned myself. Could this be a one man act or two persons ? She was a heavy set person.
    Come on SVG get some foreign forensic scientist involve in this case. The DNA WOULD BE ON THE KILLER OR KILLERS BODY.
    I think someone in her family knows something about this act. The killing according to all previous writers took place while her mother was been buried.
    I am not related to this lady. If I was, I would travel to Haiti or Nigeria. If SVG cannot bring in forensci scientist to bring the culprit/culprits to justice. I would do what I have to do. I have seen wonders in New York and Nigeria. So I know what I am talking about.
    May her soul rest in peace. It is time that our Country show better skills in handling cases like this.

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