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The accused, Jamello Williams, left, and Sheldon Samuel leave the Kingstown Magistrate's Court on Monday. (iWN photo)
The accused, Jamello Williams, left, and Sheldon Samuel leave the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court on Monday. (iWN photo)

Two Vermont men will be tried at the Layou Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday on a charge that they stole three bottles of liquor, provisions, electronics, and other items from a Baptist Church in the South Leeward community.

Jamello Williams and Sheldon Samuel pleaded not guilty to the charge when they were brought before Senior Magistrate Rickie Burnett at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court.

They were each granted EC$5,000 bail with one surety.

They men were charged that between June 16 and 20 at Vermont, they entered the Israel Baptist Church as trespassers and stole one bottle of brandy, value EC$40; one bottle of Grey Goose Vodka, value EC$300, one bottle of Hennessey, value EC$250, among other items.

The stolen items, the total value of which was EC$6,340, included 10 tins of Lipton tea, one Oster blender, juice mixes, 10 battery power packs, fabric softener, eight bottles of cooking oil, coffee, perfumes, body lotions and deodorants, the property of Afiesha Glasgow of Vermont.

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However, the church’s name might have been sullied because of the accommodation arrangements at the property where the items were sold.

When he began reading the charge, the magistrate emphasized the location and the fact that brandy was among the stolen items.

At this point, prosecutor Police Constable Corlene Samuel rose and told the court that there is a storeroom in the building where the church is located and it was from there that the items were stolen.

4 replies on “Men charged with stealing liquor from church”

  1. LOL!!! Cant you guys read?
    It was from a storeroom attached to the building!
    I hope the church was renting the space! (smile!)
    Otherwise we now know where the “spirit” comes from….LOL!!!

  2. Have anyone of you been into a Jewish Synagogue? I can tell you that those so call holy people have a full stock bar inside there. Why question the church about what they doing with liquor, the collection plate is not filled enough so the running a hole in the wall business.

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