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The body of Ian Enoch, centre, was found in a hut in Argyle, left, while his abandoned vehicle was found in Calliaqua, some six miles from where his body was found.
The body of Ian Enoch, centre, was found in a hut in Argyle, left, while his abandoned vehicle was found in Calliaqua, some six miles from where his body was found.
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Man says he killed preacher during same-sex encounter

A 25-year-old man has told police that he chopped Spiritual Baptist cleric Ian Enoch, resulting in his death, during a same-sex encounter Friday night, well-placed sources have told iWitness News.

The body of Enoch, a well-known figure within the travel industry, and a bishop in the Spiritual Baptist faith in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, was found at Argyle on Saturday, hours after his wife reported him missing.

A source who saw the body told iWitness News that Enoch’s pants were halfway down, he had a condom on his penis, and a chop to the face and neck.

The body was found inside a hut at the Cayo Village, the reconstruction of a Carib Cayo settlement, a few hundred feet outside the seaward perimeter fence of the international airport at Argyle.

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Cayo Village hut
Members of the public look at the hut in Argyle where Enoch’s body was found on Saturday. (iWN photo)

Police had mounted a search for Enoch after his wife reported to them on Saturday morning that he had not returned home after going to a restaurant in the Villa area Friday night.

As a result of the search, Enoch’s vehicle, a red Suzuki, registration number P4664, was found parked in Calliaqua, along the main Windward Highway, some six miles from where his body was found and about a mile from Villa.

The vehicle was abandoned and was damaged, suggesting that it had been involved in an accident.

Police would later learn that there was a link between Enoch’s death and the Georgetown man they had taken into custody hours earlier.

Around 2 a.m. Saturday, police met a man walking in the rain in the Glen area.

Enochs vehicle
A police vehicle at the scene in Calliaqua, where Enoch’s abandoned vehicle was found. (iWN photo)

They became further suspicious when he told them that he was from Georgetown, an east coast town, located 22 miles from Kingstown, and was going to walk to there from Glen — a distance of about 17 miles.

Glen is located about two miles from the area in Calliaqua where Enoch’s vehicle was found.

After the reports of Enoch’s disappearance began to circulate, the Georgetown man that police had taken into custody asked to speak to one of the police officers.

He told the officer that he knew where Enoch’s body was and could explain how it came to be there.

The man took police to Argyle, where the body was found in the hut.

iWitness News was reliably informed that the man told police he had chopped Enoch, resulting in his death at the hut the previous night.

He is said to have told investigators he and Enoch had arranged to meet for sex a second time after their first sexual encounter, which he reportedly said was non-consensual.

Cayo Village hut2
A bloody post and ground inside the hut where Enoch’s body was found. (iWN photo)

The man is said to have told police that Enoch had drugged and raped him the first time they were involved.

He further told police that he had made up his mind to kill Enoch during their next sexual encounter, the source told iWitness News.

iWitness News understands that the man told investigators that as part of his plan, he brought along a sharpened cutlass.

He is said to have chopped Enoch at some point during their encounter Friday night and wrapped his body in a sheet that had been brought along to facilitate the sex act.

Enochs widow
Enoch’s wife, furthest left, is consoled outside the Calliaqua Police Station on Saturday. (iWN photo)

Enoch’s widow and other members of the Spiritual Baptist faith were among persons gathered outside the Calliaqua Police Station around 1:45 p.m. on Saturday.

They began to disperse after a senior detective came out and spoke to them, but the nature of the conversation, beyond the detective expressing condolences, was not clear to iWitness News.

Enoch’s death is one of two recorded in St. Vincent and the Grenadines this weekend.

On Saturday morning, Ottley Hall resident Maxwell Nash, originally of Chateaubelair, died on the beach in Rose Place, located at the western end of the city of Kingstown.

He is said to have been stabbed repeatedly during an altercation with another man, who has since been taken into police custody.

Maxwell Nash
Maxwell Nash died on the beach at Rose Place, Kingstown, after being stabbed Saturday morning. (iWN photo)

28 replies on “Man says he killed preacher during same-sex encounter”

  1. I wonder if Dr. Friday will now claim that this murder was a result of “… the causal connection between economic hardship and an increase in crime. So, clearly, one of the ways of addressing the crime problem is by growing the economy and creating jobs and hope for our people, especially young people.”

    So, am I the only one reminded of Glen Jackson deja vu all over again?

    1. You will grasp at anything to bash the NDP, especially Dr Friday. If there is nothing bad to say about Friday, you will invent it as you do in this case. Along with that you say economics has nothing to do with crime. You need to go to Venezuela and take a walk through Caracas at night wearing your Sunday Best and a gold watch and if you survive, come back and tell us how poverty has nothing to do with crime.

      In this case it is a sex crime. We could all expect that C. Ben would jump at the chance to to somehow tie this to NDP and non-economics. For all we know the perpetrator was offered money, which is mostly the case in heterosexual prostitution in SVG, but of course you will deny that too. You will say it somehow has to do with Vincentians being lazy and stupid and joblessness and poverty have nothing to do with it.

  2. Nothing new!Those in authority usually abuse their position of trust and PREY on vulnerable members of society(males and females) in their care. What is done in darkness must come to light.
    I am only sorry for the wife and child who have to deal with this tragedy and will now be questioning the authenticity of his affection for them

  3. Kenton, I know you will say its your job and you reported what you were told but this story is distasteful. This is my major problem with you on these matters. Perhaps its my legal training but you could have stated “facts” without all this.

    I’m disappointed and no I dont expect you to care!

    This article lacks tact!!!

  4. Vincy America says:

    Is it a case of faggotism gone wrong ? The alleged killer spoke too much, a real no no from a legal perspective. He was living a life of down low as we call it in the USA.

  5. Daughter of Jacob says:

    Deuteronomy 32:39 King James Version (KJV)
    39 See now that I, even I, am he, and there is no god with me: I kill, and I make alive; I wound, and I heal: neither is there any that can deliver out of my hand.

    Leviticus 18:22 King James Version (KJV)
    22 Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.

    Leviticus 20:13 King James Version (KJV)
    13 If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

    Romans 1:32 King James Version (KJV)
    32 Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.

    THIS IS FOR THE eople think God does not judge sodomy, and those that are in agreement with it.

    1. we are not under the old covenant anymore, jesus Christ came to set us free from the law of sin and of death, so now we are saved by faith not law, so all sins are forgiverble ecept if you hate God , but for those that known better and had known the right way and doing such wickedness is worse than a regular siner that those not know better. All have sin and come short of the glory of God, if we follow the law we will perished ,jesus Christ already came and set us free from that law of sin and death, so no one is rightous only through jesus Christ we can find rightousness if we repent and acept him as lord and saviour and walk in his footsteps. People nowa days are getting very wicked, that’s why the bible said in palms:34:21in the last days the evil man shall kill the wicked man. Lack of knowledge is destroying the nation , lack of Godly knowledge. And many people nowa days don’t want anything to do with God, they are allowing Satan to destroy them, Satan is the destroyer, God is the savior through jesus Christ , people running away from God , will only reap destruction, these are times people should draw themselves more closer to the lord jesus Christ, because Satan is getting more angry because his time is running out and the end of the world is near, and he’s planning to drag the whole of humanity to hell.

  6. Michael Adams says:

    Blessed Is The 1 That Walk Not In The Council Of The Ungodly Nor Stand In The Way Of Sinners.Not Sit Upon The Seat Of Infidels.But That Your Delight Being Seeking Gods Guidance…(the truth).You Shall Be Life A Tree Planteth Upon The Bank Of The Euphrates River..Your Leaves Shall Spread Across The Plains Of Africa…Don’t Be Decided By Those Imposters Trash Which The Wind Driveth Away ..Those Sodomites Shall Not Stand In The Congregation Of The Righteous For GOD..Leads The Righteous..But The Way Of The Reptiles Is Utter Destruction..

  7. Rawlston Pompey says:


    Whoever is A. Craig, his comments suggests a
    ‘…person of wise thinking.’ In every society there are
    ‘…dangerous and violent criminals.’

    They strike unsuspectingly, often with deadly

    Professionally speaking, some crimes are committed,
    influenced by a ‘…motivating factor- if property greed;
    if violence to the person, revenge.’

    Explanations were often given to investigators to hide
    both ‘…Intent and Motive.’

    When death occurred, the intent is clear- killing the victim.

    This may very well have been a ‘…Kidnapping/Aggravated
    Robbery/Murder,’disguisedly dressed up in ‘…condomed
    penis and dropped pants.’

    While it is true that ‘…dead man tell no tale,’ law enforcement
    shall ‘…investigate thoroughly; …keep an open mind; …not
    jumped to conclusion; and …Not be duped.’

    Don’t be cowed Kenton. You are not stating facts.
    Just reporting. How would citizens know what is
    happening around them?

  8. Monica Williams says:

    Vincy Lawyer, the problem with you and many others. Instead of coming together as one educated body and find realistic solutions for all the CRIMES happening in SVG. You all sometimes behave like a miss behaving kindergarten child. Wake up, LOVE EACH OTHER.
    That man tried to play with God, claiming he is a preacher. (Fire bun for him)
    As for the wife she best RUN and getscreen for HIV.
    Also that murderer, for the public protection: not for his benefit.

    1. Missis, who sent you? You obviously missed the intent of my comment.

      And FYI: I’m doing my part where crime is concerned. Are you?

      1. I bet. You seem to be out to protect the criminals, as your comment suggests. It is not your case so you should stay out of it. Stop trying to limit freedom of the press by telling Kenton what he can and cannot publish. You would probably love it if we turn SVG into a police state that protects the white collar criminals. My guess is that you are not even a lawyer, just some crackpot who tries to sound intellectual but fails miserably.

  9. Rawlston Pompey says:


    Using ‘…Powers of Observation;’ …harboring reasonable suspicion
    that the suspect had ‘…committed an unknown crime;’ or ‘…prowling to
    commit one,’ have all been part of law enforcement training.

    These have always been effective in ‘…preventing and solving crime.’

    At that hour, only the ‘…Police; …stray dogs; and …prowling criminals’ are
    expected to be on the street.

    Detaining and questioning him have helped the Police in solve a rather
    gruesome crime.

    It augurs well for rank and file members and the Commissioner of Police.
    Commendations to the ‘…observant officers.’

    Acting Commissioner Colin John might show his appreciation, by issuing
    them with ‘…Certificates of Commendation.’

    1. How dumb are you? The police had no clue about the murder. He could have just sleep out the night and go home like nothing happened. Because up to the just before the confession to the police he hadn’t committed any offense. The last time I checked we had no corfew here in s.v.g
      It’s just that he has never killed before and even though he was angry he was scared. So before anything escalate he just confess. And as to your vew about who or what Rome the street at night I can safely say you are still a virgin. Never had a life outside your mother’s house. And sucking up to the police won’t get you in the force. So just get off the social media and go get your breast milk

  10. what happened to the defendant first amendment rights and why didn’t he ask for legal council before giving all this info to the corps..

  11. Vince lawyer I read the article again and to determine for myself if the report given by Kenton lacks clarity and is misleading. You as a lawyer as you professed have a right to remain anonymous. You should also appreciate the fact that news are given in the reported tense. The report is always someone else’s story It appears as though you ate oblivious to that, the reporter is almost never at the scene of the incident.

    Vince lawyer I saw your previous criticism of Kenton as a journalistic ability viv a vis your desire see a more of a factual report. You offer no example of how the report can be improved. My take on it is that your criticism is nebulous at best. There are occasion where I see for myself where the report can be improved and I spell I out clearly. However, Vince lawyer you criticism is often like chasing a vapor in the clouds. Be more specific, I sure you can , then and only the you will be taken seriously.

  12. And the Penalty for Sin is Death..
    God does not lie-He cannot lie said the Word of God.
    And the Wicked shall have no rest…

  13. I must admit the piece was poorly written, but the fact remains the deceased death is questionable.
    Hence Kenton is only doing what journalists do on an everyday basis.
    And yes distasteful as it sounds.
    Welcome to live!!

  14. Rawlston Pompey says:


    Just realized that there are lots more ‘…Dummies’ than one could ever imagined.

    And here is one expressing views without the benefit of law enforcement ‘…training;
    …knowledge and practical experience.’

    Kenton, even to a ‘…Dummy,’ you are permitted to share my email address.
    Maybe, just maybe, could help to remove the ‘…Dummy Syndrome.’

    Gee Whiz! …Breast milk? You are not paranoid Cazz?

    Chance is not always for fools-it is a name. Not sure if ‘…Kenton’s thirst,
    if any, might be quenched and take just a ‘…Chance’ to request just a
    little a sip (little humor). None for me; ….Too old for breast feeding.

    A Vincentian, hailed from the village of Colonarie. Grew up with
    Dr. Ralph Gonsalves.

    Now resident of Antigua and Barbuda. Over three decades in law enforcement.

    Attained the rank of Commissioner of Police; Awarded Queen’s Police Medal (QPM)
    for ‘…Meritorious Service.’

    Before that headed the Criminal Investigations Department;
    Dealt with every criminal you can imagine-some dangerous, vicious and violent;

    Some non-violent, and clearly smarter than most ‘…Dummies.’

    Had advanced training throughout the region and North America.
    Favourite ‘…Criminal Psychology’- get to understand a little that goes
    on in the mind of criminals.

    Knows what is ‘…Paranoia; …Schizophrena and psychosis.’
    Seen and heard some weird and frightening things.

    Rawlston Pompey is no ‘…robot; …impostor or quack.’

    Wrote columns on areas of professional knowledge- first,Websites ‘…Antigua Sun, Caribarena,
    Carib Times and The Antiguan. Active ones now ‘…Antigua News Room and Antigua Chronicle.’

    Commentaries all gratis. Just imparting knowledge. Even a ‘…Dummy’ can learn from them.

    One now about fellow-Vincentian suspended Commissioner Wendell Robinson. Visit and you
    will see who is the author. Just click on ‘…Column.’

    Been there and done that.

  15. Vincy in Brooklyn says:

    To all Vincentian home and abroad: It is so sad to hear some of your comments after someone was murdered in such a wicked way. I known Bishop Ian when he just came to St Vincent from Trinidad. He was at the grass root stage. we been friends since, every time I visit SVD I would visit him at his office. The Ian that I know would never drug any man to sleep with them. Bishop Ian had pride and would not lower his standard to engage in an act with such a person and in such location. As a juror in New York this case have too many holes in it. I hope the they investigate this case very well. Bishop may you R.I.P my dear friend. my prayers goes out to the Enoch family.

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