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Two men are expected to appear in court today to answer to charges in connection with the alleged abduction of four women in Villa last Friday.

iWitness News has not ascertained the names of the accused men or the exact charges that have been brought against them.

However, we were reliably informed that they would appear before the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court today.

Reports are that the women were abducted around 11 p.m. by three armed men while the women sitting in their car.

The vehicle was parked on the sidewalk near a hotel in Villa, located on St. Vincent’s tourism belt on the southeast coast.

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The armed men boarded the women’s vehicle, relieved the women of their mobile phones and some EC$600 in cash.

They drove the women’s vehicle, with the women inside, along the Rose Cottage road in Villa.

During the drive, one of the men is said to have told his partners-in-crime to shoot one of the women who had turned on the vehicle’s hazard lights.

The women were able to escape after they came upon a vehicle belonging to Villa resident Jomorni “Small Man” Tash, who intervened and helped them to escape.

The bandits are said to have discharged a firearm before fleeing the scene.

9 replies on “Men charged with women’s abduction”

  1. Is it not this same Jomano small Man Tash who beat some criminal charges not so long ago? No better the beef no better the barrel as my father would say.

  2. Who cares fact of the matter is he helped smh.. what does his past or lack there of have to do with the fact that he helped ?

  3. Kim what I am saying Jorma no Small Man Tash is an unsavory character. You have to think outside the box. Think of it, the ladies were in trouble and all of a sudden no one else but a fallen angel appeared from no where. What if there is a connection? Can you say for certain there is no association between the events. Remember a thorough investigation has yet to be concluded.

    1. I don’t quite get it here! What if, let’s say Mr. Tash was part and parcel of the orchestration of this crime (which we can not prove based on his past and which I have no reason to believe he was), how is it going to fly in the face of ignorance in any trial court that he has safely delivered those women out of the hands of possibly pending death? We can twist and turn it any and every which way we can, the odds would be very much against anyone veering in that direction of thought. Rather, he’ll be highly commended or even praised for his heroic act. Out of evil cometh Good!

  4. Do anybody have any clue to what these men were going to do with these women, never understand if you going to rob someone and you got what the person have why just don’t let them go and be off with their belong in the sunset, why the extra

    1. Have you ever thought of ransom? We also know that many men in SVG have a sex problem, Did you ever consider rape? Obviously robbery was the main reason.

  5. Where is C Ben David to tell us that the abduction and robbery has nothing to do with the men needing and wanting money? That economics has nothing to do with crime? Obviously C. Ben is campaigning for the Prime Minister and the ULP, and this case does not suit his agenda. C. Ben would tell us that these men did this because they are just bad or lazy, but not in any need of money. All the crime in Venezuela right now is because all those people that were good people two years ago are now suddenly bad people, not that they need money and want to eat.

  6. Does it mean that because someone has an unsavory past that they cannot be in the right place at the right time to do an act of kindness, so sad, the most important thing is that the ladies are alive and safe.

  7. Baby I was not born a pessimist but know that man Jomano Small Man Tash, I will start with the reverse onus. That he may be associated unless proven otherwise.

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