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Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves. (iWN file photo)
Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves. (iWN file photo)
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Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves says that if crime in St. Vincent and the Grenadines were as bad as Opposition Leader Godwin Friday makes it out to be, Friday would not dare walk against crime, as he plans to do.

The New Democratic Party says that in an effort to raise awareness about “this crisis” of crime and joblessness, Friday, along with NDP MPs and the NDP executive will “Walk for Jobs” and “Walk Against Crime” from Fitz Hughes to Kingstown on Sept. 8 and from Georgetown to Kingstown on Sept. 15.

“Now, if you are truly saying that the criminals have overtaken the country and are overrunning it, you will be asking that the police force come out in their numbers to give you protection along the way and you hire Guardsman, you hire Famo, you hire all the security available because things are so difficult in this country and are so violent and the police are overrun so much that Friday and his men and women can’t walk from Chateaubelair to town, because they’re so fearful,” Gonsalves told a press conference on Monday.

“Well, if they are so fearful, they wouldn’t walk.”

Gonsalves said he has a scientific mind and is trained in a particular way and when people say things, “they might think it’s a joke and they talk it, but I subject it to serious analysis and they are not serious people.”

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Gonsalves said there have been, essentially, three types of homicides in SVG, which recorded it 23rd murder for the year when a security guard was stabbed to death last weekend.

The first is absence-of-restraint homicides, the prime minister said.

“A man cyah tek butt  (can’t handle infidelity) and he kill somebody. Fellas at a rum shop arguing, they pick a fight, … lovers have a quarrel…

“Now, I want to ask you, how in heaven’s name, how can the Commissioner of Police prevent an absence of restraint killing? Because the police can’t be everywhere.”

He said that second types of homicides are opportunistic.

“A fella going break yo’ place or they meet yo’ somewhere, they rob you and they take the opportunity to take you out at the time because of how things happen, for one reason or another. Either they go with the intention first or it develops at that moment.”

He said the third type of homicide is what he has been calling “killings as a consequence of competition between associational groups” — a term that many say is a euphemism for gangs.

Gonsalves, however, maintained, “They are not gangs. They haven’t solidified as gangs. You may use the word gangs loosely if you wish, and that is drugs, turf, ego, all sorts of things involved.”

“In short, let us have a sensible, mature conversation on this matter and don’t take the episodic and generalise it and seek to create fear and alarm.”

Gonsalves noted that from April to the middle of June there were no homicides in SVG.

“But yet, we are told, this year has been a terrible one of fear and alarm.”

14 replies on “Gonsalves chants down NDP’s anti-crime walk”

  1. Prime Minister, I support this message 100 percent because it corresponds to the scientific criminological literature rather than “dem say” and political fear mongering, as I will soon show in a series of crime and the economy essays.

    Prime Minister, I truly believe that your government is well past its “best before date,” but this NDP party is simply not ready to govern our country.

  2. I support the WALK AGAINST CRIME …….. The reality is crime is crime no matter how you want to twist and turn it . The average citizen is not a criminologist and cannot analyse and view crime as such. NO amount of crime is acceptable . The gov. needs to drive fear in the hearts of criminals , which their are yet to accomplish , they need to employ strategies that thwart and prevent criminal activity from even developing .

    1. I normally do not agree with anything you say, but this time I do. The walk will do nothing to stop crime, It is just to show our displeasure that the government has not been doing what it should. I believe that jobs would drastically help to reduce crime. Unfortunately C Ben thinks that unemployment and poverty have nothing to do with crime.
      In truth, anyone can find evidence to support anything, but countries that are productive certainly have much less of the type of violent crime we have here in SVG. C. Ben lives in a different universe compared to the rest of us.

      1. if you disagree with anything I said in past comments I welcome your rebuttals … always open to learning and difference of opinions …… very impartial on all my comments

  3. The government needs to take crime more seriously and stop downplaying it. Those of us who don’t have a security detail have had to make major adjustments in terms of where we go and when. We increasingly feel like prisoners. Businesses that we often patronize have had to do without our business. Shame on this government for laughing at the rest of us.

  4. Walk for jobs will not automatically open employment doors to criminals. Walk against crime will not compel the criminals to hand over their guns to authority. NDP is only demonstrating that they have no serious plans to deal with the escalating violence in SVG and are just trying to score political point and stay relevant. I am not a supporter of any political parties but think this effort is really weak and outdated.

  5. This is the most outrageous statement I’ve ever heard coming from a so-called leader.I scientific mind without rational analysis is nothing but stupidity.I will like to have a debate with Ralph.May God help SVG.

    1. I agree. Ralph does not ever miss an opportunity to brag, when he does not have anything to brag about. Look at the state of the country! If something goes good he takes the credit. When something goes bad, he points fingers or blames someone else, or the weather, or anything but his bad policy.

  6. I support the walk against crime and I think it should be a bi partisan thing, rising crime doesn’t just affects the NDP party. When tourists exclude SVG as of a destination county to visit cause of crimes we all don’t benefit. As a small country Home has a very high Murder rate internationally . I’m not saying anyone is to blame I’m just saying there should be unity in standing up against crime

  7. Urlan Akexander says:

    The PM went to NL for a funeral and there were over 25 police in the security detail . Why is that ? My guess is because Ralph is comfortable going around the country. Every time he pass in town is sirens blasting with traffic police out riders and two SUVs en tow and this security is to go from his official residence in Montrose to parliament building. All this is because the PM is comfy and crime is not a problem . Fool ah talk but nah fool ah listen.

  8. The PM is not who responsible for crimes, crimes is every where. This is the last days we’re in, prophesy have to fullfill. Not everything u blame pm for. Everyone should blame for his or her own action. These generation is a generation of vipers. What do u expected from them?

  9. I support that the government need to create jobs for the people of st.vincent and the grenadines. We really need jobs, we don’t need hand out. We want to be more independant, so we can take care of our family. Job supposed to be a major target in S.V.G.

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