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NDP president and Opposition Leader, Godwin Friday. (iWN file photo)
NDP president and Opposition Leader, Godwin Friday. (iWN file photo)
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Leader of the Opposition Godwin Friday along with his parliamentary colleagues and the executive of his party will walk for jobs and against crime this and next Saturday.

The New Democratic Party (NDP) said in a press statement that crime and violence, now more than ever, “has become a staple of our daily lives”.

The party said the media workers’ profession places them “in a unique position to recognise the extent of the problem that St. Vincent and the Grenadines now faces with regard to this dilemma.

“It is apparent that crime and violence is indeed the only constant on the various radio stations and in the print media, leaving no doubt that we are in a crisis,” the NDP said.

On crime, the party said the Vincentian people are questioning the capacity of the security forces to properly address this “scourge”.

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“People have become so disenchanted with the justice system that some communities have started dispensing vigilante-style justice. Added to this, the IMF has stated in a report that the unemployment rate among young people here in SVG is at 46 per cent. This is the same demographic that is heavily represented in the many reports of crime and violence in this country. In all of this, the Minister of National Security [Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves] has offered no discernible, acceptable response to this crisis.”

The NDP said its president, Members of Parliament, and other members of the party are “gravely concerned” about this situation.

“Notwithstanding, there seems to be a cross section of Vincentian society which remains doubtful as to the extent of the problem,” the NDP said.

The party said that in an effort to raise awareness about “this crisis”, Friday, along with NDP MPs and the NDP executive will “Walk for Jobs” and “Walk Against Crime” from Fitz Hughes to Kingstown on Sept. 8 and from Georgetown to Kingstown on Sept. 15.

“Dr. Friday is inviting persons on the route to come out and show their concern by supporting and encouraging the walkers as they pass through their communities. He is also seeking the media’s support to bring this initiative to the attention of the Vincentian people,” the NDP said.

2 replies on “NDP to ‘walk for jobs’, ‘walk against crime’”

  1. the topic of crime in our Christian country nation yes we are a Christian country the GOD of our country and the God i was brought up from my youth to believe in is JESUS CHRIST the GOD that we worship and serve is known by our churches that are everywhere in this blessed beautiful country the Christians of st Vincent and the grenadines and in any Christian country we are the ambassador of our Heavenly father JESUS CHRIST here on earth where ever he has place us we are his eyes hand, ear, feet ,we are his body here on earth it is our responsibility to teach our HEAVENLY FATHER moral laws to those that do not know them we the CHRISTIAN are to up hold these laws as ambassador here these laws is what give or bring balance to this godless and evil system that we are living under when ever these laws are broken we are to stand up no matter where in our home , community , city ,town, anywhere these evil acts is taking place the political government cannot do this for they are all corrupt and part of this EVIL and UNGODLY SYSTEM that rule over us the HEATHEN do not know any better when we the CHRISTIAN do not Stand up to these evil acts crime by our action we then allow crime to prosper and grow in our country ,community town , this is a lack of faith in this matter we as CHRISTIAN are and is telling OUR HEAVENLY FATHER WE DO NOT TRUST HIM TO PROTECT US FROM THOSE WILL DO US HARM THEN HOW CAN GOD JESUS CHRIST ACT ON OUR BEHALF AND DRIVE THE EVIL OUT FROM AMONGEST US WHEN WE DONT BELIVE HIM IN THIS MATTER WAKE UP STAND UP

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