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Delroy Williams

Police Constable Delroy Williams has been accused of slapping a woman in the presence of her child then charging her.

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The investigation continues into the alleged actions of the police officer who a woman accused of assaulting her at an ice cream parlour in Kingstown on Aug. 11.

“That matter is under investigation. The matter is a live matter before the court so until that matter before the court is resolved, then there is nothing that we are doing other than investigating the matter right now,” acting Commissioner of Police Colin John told a press conference on Monday.

Ashieka Lyttle, 25, of New Montrose, said a police officer, later identified as Constable 720 Delroy Williams, repeatedly slapped her and later arrested her after she swore in his presence at the snack bar.

The woman said an exchange of words had developed between she and the officer after he jumped the queue at the ice cream parlour, which is located near police headquarters in Kingstown.

The woman was arrested and slapped with three charges, to which she pleaded not guilty when she was arraigned at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court on Aug. 13.

Ashieka Lyttle 1
Ashieka Lyttle after her court appearance on Aug. 13 in connection with the charges. (iWN photo)

She was charged that on Aug. 11, at Kingstown, she assaulted police Constable 720 Delroy Williams, he being a police officer acting in the due execution of his duty.

Lyttle was further charged that on the same date and place, she made use of indecent language to Williams, to wit, “Way the f**k does do you, even if you lock me up and carry me court yuh can’t win me”.

The third charge was that on the same date and place, she resisted the arrest of PC Williams, he being a police officer acting in the due execution of his duty.

Senior Magistrate Rickie Burnett continued the EC$3,000 bail that Lyttle had secured at the Central Police Station on the date of her arrest.

Lyttle’s lawyer, Grant Connell, asked for full disclosure, which the court ordered.

The trial is slated for Oct. 8.

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4 replies on “Investigation of ‘Ice Cream Cop’ continues”

  1. Maxine Thompson says:

    It is a shame what police offices has been allowed to do for decades , which is taking the law intp their own hands , & there’s no one above them who one can go to to report them , please remember what goes around comes right back at them & one day they will get old , gray & very weak .

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