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Persons board a minivan in Kingstown in June 2014. (Photo: Robertson Henry)
Persons board a minivan in Kingstown in June 2014. (Photo: Robertson Henry)
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Police in St. Vincent and the Grenadines have been given clear instructions to deal with the “foolishness” that goes on in some minivans across the country.

Prime Minister and Minister of National Security said that persons might have noticed that minivan operators have “toned down” after police began enforcing the relevant traffic laws recently.

This has led to one omnibus operator being fined for playing music in the vehicle, in Kingstown.

Gonsalves said:

“And this foolishness of women and men hanging their bottom outside of a vehicle and wining (dancing), saying they’re going on for internal tourism, the police are under clear instructions as to how to deal with these matters.

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“I don’t know if you all noticing that these things — and when a fella wanted to be boasting and obstreperous about it, the police pulled him in and did what they had to do. I am not saying what they are doing.”

He was speaking in apparent reference to the minivan driver who defended his involvement in a high-speed, reckless race with another minivan, which was recorded and shared on social media.

The van driver called into a radio station to say their actions were not reckless because no one was injured as a result.

Gonsalves said:

“All of these things are happening and I want to thank the police because while Friday is sleeping and saying that criminals overrun the place and that the police can’t handle it, they are out there trying to make him sleep safely, and all of us.”

5 replies on “Police under ‘clear instructions’ to deal with minivans’ ‘foolishness’”

  1. Thanks for the eyes of the government now awaken from slumber and the quick obedience of the police taken action. I encountered a previous experience three years ago with the speeding on the Leeward side. When I asked the driver why he has to be speeding I was told if I don’t like it I can get out of the van.

    Another experience is in the Kingstown/ Sharpes area. I requested that the music be toned down I was in a shock when passengers including school children burst out in laughter.

    Thank God I am living abroad I don’t have to tolerate the disrespect daily.
    I hope that the police would continue to be vigilant in performing their duties effectively.

    As a fact, I was told most mini vans operators are owned by police that’s why nothing has been done to the long existing, derogatory issues and behaviors of those drivers.

    Well thanks again for the C.O.P and his strict discipline. Thanks again Colin, my Junior.

  2. cops or gov employees should not be allowed to own these businesses or if they allowed they should have to apply for special permission from the head cop and meet certain criteria plus follow guidelines. This is to prevent special privileges or advantages over the averages business owners or abuse of power .
    Mini van taxi operating for the public van colors should be one unified distinguished color and drivers and conductors should have to picture I,D …….vans must only pickup from bus stops or bus terminal ,,,,tickets must be given to offenders . Im sure some of these rules exist already but they are not being enforced

  3. It’s about time something done to those minivan drivers. They have no regards for the passenger’s lives, even their lives. Do they think they are untouchable? I applaud the rules and the job of the police
    Thank you

  4. It’s the most stupidest thing I ever heard from the driver who called in because no one was hurt it wasn’t reckless! So I guess when it gets to the extent when a couple of people dies in an accident only then it’s reckless? I saw the video, They have no respect for human lives. They should charge those drivers there’s video evidence. If he doesn’t know what reckless is he should not be driving

  5. This is the stupidity of the people they allow to be responsible for the lives of passengers in St. Vincent. No one cares of the state of the vehicles. No one cares whether the driver s have a valid Licence or not. There are no police road checks. Drivers are not told they must have both hands on the steering wheels at all times, They do not know that the lives of the people in their vans are in the drivers hands. They commit murder and all they get is a suspension of their Licence. To think that some tourists ride on these vans sometimes is troubling.
    Speed traps with on the spot penalties will help to calm down the hustlers. The traps must not be in the same locations. Switch them around, and see if their madness does not change dramatically. Hit them hard with penalties. Let them help to pay for the damages they are causing on the roads.

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