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Senior Magistrate Rickie Burnett. (iWN file photo)

Senior Magistrate Rickie Burnett. (iWN file photo)

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“I don’t know what it is about Massy Store that they are attracting these thieves.”

That was the observation of Senior Magistrate Rickie Burnett on Monday, as he had to deal with yet another case of theft against Massy Store.

His comments came as he presided over a case in which a Lowmans Hill resident, Natasha Allen, 40, who pleaded guilty to a charge that she stole four slices of cheese and other items from the store in Kingstown twice in three days.

“What is baffling to me is that they are all aware that they have cameras,” he said referring to the surveillance system at the store, which has helped to nab shoplifters.

“Now, look at you. You went on the 12th [of September], you got through. Three days after, you went again. You are working with a doctor for 13 years. If you don’t have any money and you ask him, he will give you, he will lend you,” the magistrate said.

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“Why is it that my Vincentian brothers and sisters are behaving this way? You don’t have any money, keep out the people business,” he said.

Natasha Allen
Natasha Allen, right, leaves the Kingstown Magistrates Court on Monday, as two detectives look on.

Allen was brought to court days after Nagee Farrell, a former cashier assistant at Massy Store in Arnos Vale was fired then prosecuted for stealing and eating a slice of cake worth EC$7.

Many persons took to social media to object to the store prosecuting the man after firing him.

His action was recorded on camera then uncovered by employees charged with reviewing the footage.

Based on court appearances of accused persons, Massy Store is a frequent victim of theft, including by its own employees and its suppliers.

In April, a delivery man working with a bakery that supplies Massy was fired from his job and prosecuted after stealing alcohol and other items from Massy, Kingstown, in anticipation of a visit by a friend from England.

Many establishments in Kingstown have a zero tolerance policy towards shoplifting, which means that all offenders are prosecuted, regardless of the value of the item stolen.

4 replies on “Why Massy Store attracts so many thieves? — Magistrate”

  1. …and prosecuted they should all be. Theft is theft no matter the value of the items. I have no empathy for thieves.

    Until it happens at your own doorstep, the piper will always play a different tune.

  2. Sorry Mr. Magistrate it may not be that Massy stores attract more thieves, it may just be that they better at policing their stores.

  3. Rawlston Pompey says:


    The Bible says ‘…Thou shall not steal’ [Ten Commandments]. The State enact laws to
    prevent it. But then, ‘…necessity knows no law.’

    Montserrat’s soca artist Mighty Arrow did sing ‘…Man Must Live.’ Take a little, double
    penalties – fired and prosecuted.

    What did Jamaica and world renowned reggae artist ‘…Robert Nestor ‘Bob’ Marley say?
    Answer: ‘…Said throw me corn; …Me no call no foul’ [Who the Cap Fit: You Tube].

    What if for 7days, 20 employees pilfered a slice of cake value $7.00,
    what might be the loss to the business entity for one week?

    Might be two employees wages

    The financial loss might be $980.00.’ Mathematically, 7x 7= 49 x 20= 980.
    There shall be deterrent effect on both ‘…employees and shoppers.’

    Neither the Management nor the Court shall be apportioned blame for the
    kleptomaniac tendency in people.

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