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armed robbery

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A police officer has become the latest victim of the spate of robberies across St. Vincent.

Police said on Tuesday that they are investigating a report that two masked gunmen robbed an off-duty police officer near the old police station in Stubbs around 11:50 p.m. Monday.

“Preliminary investigations revealed that an off-duty Police Officer, while on his way home was accosted by masked gunmen, who later relieved him of EC$40,” police said in their regular bulletin on Tuesday.

“The complainant indicated that the masked men searched his person and his belongings and after finding nothing of value allowed him to leave,” the statement said.

It added: “The Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force does not condone any acts of criminality against the citizens of St. Vincent and the Grenadines or its visitors regardless to one’s status in life. We continue to urge the citizens of this country to be law abiding and cooperate with the police fully in their investigations.”

The Police are asking anyone with information that would assist in this investigation to contact the ACP i/c Crimes at 1784-4561339, Officer in charge of CID at 1784-456-1810 or the Officer in charge of the South-Central Division at 1784-458-4200 or call any police station.

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10 replies on “Gunmen rob police officer”

  1. Seems like its easier to get an illegal firearm than thus lengthy process by legitimate Vincentians to get legal arms to protect themselves, family and livelihood.

    SVG is over flowing with illegal arms. Where are they coming from and how do we stop it????

    1. Well stated and you’ve asked two imperative questions. This issue of the possessing of illegal firearms is really getting out of the control of the state’s hands – as is evident today and is basically now in the dominance of die-hard criminals, which as a result is definitely taking a toll on us citizens. In my humble opinion, I foresee the only real viable and reasonable way of stopping and putting an end to it is by stopping and putting an end to those in the trafficking of it.

    2. I believe SVG will benefit somewhat from a gun amnesty period or a gun buy back program , no question ask. …..Its clear that these weapons are imported illegally or obtain through illegal drugs exchange . Some ganja farmers or traders for whatever reason find it feasible to swap weed for guns . Which i dont see how this can be positively beneficial or profitably viable . This practice has been executed for decades , so now these weapons are carelessly being circulating and creating havoc in our society. Port Authority needs better and improved screening plus improve border security by our coast guards . Over all technology infrastructure improvements .

    3. I live in the Central Kingstown area and it is odd that in our area many people know who is probably bringing in illegal firearms. Rumor has it…VERY STRONG rumors. that a certain [person] has been smuggling lots of items as well as having his documentation falsified so much so that he pays less duty than he should. This man has been caught smuggling in another country and was released by paying an undisclosed fine. Has the same thing happened here? He was nearly caught in a different country but fled before agents could arrive. Why is this guy still operating? Allegedly he has smuggled weapons, drugs and other items and substances. Customs knows very well who he is. Is he under surveillance? I hope so!

  2. The Devil is a busy man, and could be pushing our “Minister of National Security” to overreach himself, overreact, and call out the police force’s “black squad” to come down hard on, and flush out these so called criminal elements, in the fight against this crime epidemic in SVG, and do something quickly and harshly to ensure our safety once again, and that of the nation. But that in and of itself although tempting, could turn out to be a big mistake Sir, if not handled properly.

    Yield not to temptation, and so, regardless, don’t lose your cool Mr. Minister… take it easy, proceed carefully, wisely, and, ask God in prayer to direct your hands in this matter. The Devil is a tricky fella, could be setting a trap… up to his old tricks again, to snare the unsuspecting man.

    For example, let’s say the Commissioner called out the “force”, and almost everywhere we go, there is a heavy police presence in and around. To some folks that might seem safe, and the right thing to do under the circumstances, but to others that could be seen as a threat… and they will say “Ralph meking we country tun into a communist one, like wey dey do in Cuba and doing now in Venezuela. Ah nah so fo fight crime… Ralph must go!” Be careful comrade.

    Another example, let’s say our Commissioner decided to call for a random “stop and search”, with the aim of getting the guns off the streets etc. Some folks might say, “Yeah, good for them…that’s what we need…etc”. But others might say. “You see how Ralph and he mongoose gang f’ing with black people eh, he only stopping NDP people…how come he don’t stop ULP?? Dem don’t have criminals in ULP nah?” Once again, watch it comrade.

    These are just two examples; nevertheless, let us also take a lesson and learn from what happened or supposedly happened in neighboring St Lucia. Many thought that that was the right way to handle the crime situation there, which was spiraling out of control, to set things right, but others saw things differently, and the end result turned out to be a devastating blow for the country as a whole. Be careful comrade! Yield not to temptation.

  3. It is full time now for the vincy police to show that they are in charge . Their guns should be displayed and they must show their intention to use force at all time to protect the populace. This old time style is not going to work in this post colonial many sided economy where criminals are embolden.

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