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William Caruth has been jailed for killing his daughter.
William Caruth has been jailed for killing his daughter.

A St. Vincent-born man has been jailed for 25 years in the United States for killing his pregnant daughter and hiding her body in his apartment in January 2016

A Bronx, New York court imposed the sentence on William Caruth, originally of Dubois, St. Vincent on Wednesday.

He was convicted of manslaughter in connection with the death of his daughter, Anndrea Caruth.

As part of the sentencing, letters were read from the victim’s fiancé and cousin.

“What has been taken from us is a vibrant, hard-working, full-of-potential, young lady. Angie’s friends understand that we cannot bring her back, but we are asking that justice for Angie be rendered,” said a woman who was no identified in a News12 video posted online.

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The judge said the man showed no remorse.

Prosecutors said Andrea Caruth’s body was found hidden behind a wall in her father’s closet.

They said it appears she was hit by a hammer and strangled.

Anndrea Caruth
The deceased, Anndrea Caruth.

Investigators found the hammer in William Caruth’s car.

Additional evidence was also presented over the course of the trial, included DNA samples taken from beneath the victim’s fingernails.

In his plea to the judge, the convicted man said: “I dream about my daughter everyday, I cry, I cry everyday. I miss my daughter.”

In January 2016, Andrea’s mother, Clorence Collis, of Penniston, St. Vincent, told iWitness News she was looking forward to reuniting later that year with her daughter and the child she was scheduled to give birth to.

It would have been Andrea’ second trip to St. Vincent since she migrated to the United States with her father two decades earlier.

Andrea’s body was found six days after she went missing.

Her father was a teacher at the Buccament Government School, in Dubois, before migrating to the United States in the 1980s.

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8 replies on “St. Vincent-born man jailed for killing daughter”

  1. So this is what pure evil a le vincy looks like.
    Condolences to the bereaved family. I wish you strength in this difficult time.

  2. Dubois resident, now living in nyc says:

    Please note that this killer is not from the village of Dubois. He himself is from penniston. Mayhe rotting in jail

  3. The issue is not where he is from but the crime he committed. He will get free housing and meals in the pen and who knows one of those bull… will fix him in there and that would certainly add to the penalty.

  4. Dear father Horne, I can understand C.bens comment in this matter. If a father can hit his daughter on the head with a hammer and strangle her, he is capable of anything.

    Seeing as no other reasons have been put forward there is surely the possibility of that being true.

    I am not sure he should have raised this matter for the sake of further hurting the family and those close to her.

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