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The shooting in Paul’s Avenue Saturday night that left one man dead and three others nursing bullet wounds has triggered memories of the mass shooting in Diamond last year October that left one dead and about 10 others injured.

One source told iWitness News that law enforcement officials are concerned that the shooting may result in similar reprisal attacks that could see many others, including innocent bystanders, killed or injured.

Len Stowe, a pushcart operator, originally of Bequia, died after being shot when some three gunmen opened fire on persons in the community, located in the heart of the nation’s capital.

Farax Prescott, Dino King, and Erel Hector were injured in the shooting.

Prescott received a bullet to his left leg while King was shot twice in his right arm.

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Hector was shot once in the right heel.

In November 2017, one man died after being shot in the stomach while eight other survived bullet wounds when a number of gunmen fired some 40 bullets into a shop Diamond.

Ricardo “Shrek” McFee later told the court that he was the target of the attack.

He was able to escape by jumping through a window as the shooting began.

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