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Lionel George

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UPDATE: Lionel “Gubler” George turned himself in to police Thursday afternoon. Please see the original post below.

Original post:

Rockies man Lionel “Gubler” George, 25, is wanted by police in connection with a murder investigation, police said on Thursday.

In a wanted person bulletin sent to the media, police said George is a Vincentian national who is to be approached with caution.

“He is considered armed and dangerous,” the bulletin said.

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Sources say that George is wanted in connection with the murder of Sabitree Lyttle, 56, of Hollywood, Redemption Sharpes, who was shot and killed at her home around 2 p.m. Wednesday.

One other person, Jerroy “Jay-Jay” Phillips, 22, of Redemption Sharpes, for whom police issued a wanted person bulletin on Wednesday, was taken into custody Thursday morning.

Police say that George, a labourer, is six feet tall, of slim build, and is fair in complexion.

He has a round face, brown eyes, and thick lips.

Police say that he has “tattoo”, but offered no further details in this regard.

“The police are soliciting your assistance in locating the subject. If seen, please contact any police station or Assistant Commissioner of Police in charge of Crime at Telephone # 451-2467 or 457-1211 ext. 217 or Officer in charge CID/CRO/MCU at 456-1810 or 457-1211 ext. 216, 220. Calls would be treated confidentially,” the bulletin said.

One reply on “Rockies man wanted for murder”

  1. Rawlston Pompey says:


    Too many families are mourning and grieving.

    Too many husbands and wives are weeping.’

    No time for ‘…Pussy-Footing’ with violent and merciless killers.

    Given the spate of ‘…deadly shootings’ on the streets and at homes,’ those that killed mercilessly and do not wish to surrender to the ‘…conventional way of justice,’ then without mercy, justice shall be exacted upon them in the ‘…unconventional way.’

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