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Sir David Attenborough

KATOWICE, Poland — The renowned broadcaster Sir David Attenborough has announced the United Nations’ launch of a new campaign enabling individuals the world over to unite in actions to battle climate change.

In an address to the opening session of United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP24) in Katowice, PolandSir David Attenborough urged everyone to use the UN’s new, designed to give people the power and knowledge to take personal action against climate change directly on the Facebook messenger Platform.

Speaking for “The People’s Seat” initiative, Sir David Attenborough called it the result of new activism shaped by people from around the world and collected through social media.

“In the last two weeks,” he said, “the world’s people have taken part in creating this address, answering polls, creating videos and voicing their opinions.

“They want you — the decision makers — to act now,” the British broadcaster said, addressing the politicians and officials assembled for two weeks in this Polish mining town to negotiate next steps in monitoring and mitigating climate change.

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“The people are behind you, supporting you in making tough decisions, but they are also willing to make sacrifices in their daily lives,” Attenborough said.  “To make this even easier, the UN is launching the Act Now bot. Helping people to discover simple everyday actions that they can take, because they recognise that they too must play their part.”

Taking Climate Action

The innovative UN campaign was created with the support of Facebook and advertising company Grey and harnesses advances in artificial intelligence (AI) to engage people in the growing movement to take climate action.

The is a fully interactive and responsive chat bot, located on the UN’s Facebook page that suggests everyday actions – determined by the user’s interaction with the bot — that can be taken to preserve the environment and logged on the platform to be shared with social media followers to persuade them to take action too. The collective actions will be presented during the United Nations Secretary-General’s Climate Summit in New York in September 2019.

UN Under-Secretary-General of Global Communications Alison Smale welcomed the launch.

“Rising global temperature, record levels of greenhouse emissions, and increasing impacts of climate change require urgent and measurable action on the part of everyone,’’ she said.  “This new social media tool, a Facebook Messenger bot, will help people learn about activities to reduce their carbon footprint, and show—and share with friends—how they are making an impact.  We all need to do things differently.”

The initiative comes as global decision makers are being asked to intensify efforts in the battle against climate change and to agree the implementation guidelines of the landmark 2015 Paris Agreement.

All this is evolving against a backdrop of conclusive new evidence by UN Environment which found countries to significantly step up the necessary actions to fulfil the commitments made in Paris.

The Climate Action Bot aims to highlight popular global commitment to reducing climate change, and to stand behind decision makers worldwide in taking actions to preserve our environment.

Click here to read the People’s Address delivered by Sir David Attenborough.

One reply on “Sir David Attenborough launches UN campaign to promote climate action by the people ”

  1. Concerned Citizen says:

    All the misinformation about Climate Change is very sad. Climate Change has been occuring since he beginning of time. The name has been changed from first “The Greenhouse Effect” to, “Global Warming” and now Climate Change. because the other names did not fit the facts. Global Climate is driven almost entirely by the sun, not humans, unless we start a nuclear war. One of the subjects I studied in the University was Climatology. I learned that CO2 was a vital life-giving element, essential to photosynthesis. Now they call it pollution, and purposefully try to make people confuse it with Carbon Monoxide (CO). The bankers and thier politician enablers are doing this to get your money.

    Look at France today. The people are protesting and destroying the country because of all the tax increases to fight “Climate Change”. The leader of France was a banker that worked for the bankers that are the biggest funders of Climate Change. Those same bankers own J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, that in turn owns Exxon/Mobile and other big polluters. The entire goal is to get more money and power. Countries like Saint Vincent will become even more poor than we are now if we all allow this to continue. If we think the “room tax” imposed by our government is bad, realize, things are just getting started. This is a big topic that deserves the reader’s research. See the film “The Great Global Warming Swindle” for starters.

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