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Belle Isle prison

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Senior Magistrate Rickie Burnett says that he plans to visit the prison at Belle Isle to see how prisoners are housed.

“It’s one thing to send people to prison and another to see,” he said at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court this month.

He said that an accused person had invited him to take a look at the prisons.

“When that is being done will be a secret,” Burnett said.

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2 replies on “Magistrate to visit prison”

  1. Annis Oatelia Creese says:

    Mr. Burnette, I have to say that is no longer a secret since you have alerted them that you are coming. Nevertheless, I think it is fair to give notice so they can put their house in order. Prison is not a nice place to be. It is not sanitary; it does not smell nice. At times some prisoners misbehave and others cant’t rest. Best thing for these young people to do is to stay away.

  2. Senior Magistrate, if you really want to see what is going on there why don’t you spend 24 hours or so at the prisons in a cell. I ‘m not sure that there is also easily obtainable information about the day to day management and goings-on of the prison. You could even call for an investigation into the SVG prisons system. Lastly, take a few other Judges along with you. Then have each of them write a report about it. Discuss it in a group. destruct the information. Identify the plus and minus points. Compare your findings to that of other prisons. Set a standard. Publish it in the government gazette.
    If you only what to see how prisoners are housed send a photographer and look at the security videos of the prison. It would take about five minutes.
    On the day that you visit the prisons call Kenton Chance and give him an exclusive interview so that the article doesn’t have only four lines again. Have IWN take your picture (dressed in blue jeans, t-shirt, cap, dark glasses, sneakers and your duffel bag over your shoulder) outside leaving the prison for the news article. Go into politics, officially.
    If you need management and PR please visit my website.

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