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Ericson Joslyn

Ericson Joslyn. (iWN photo)

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A bench warrant has been issued for a Georgetown man who failed to turn up to court for his sentencing in connection with the theft of three sheep.

Ericson Joslyn, 27, who is originally from Fancy, was granted EC$2,000 bail with one surety after he admitted to the crime before Senior Magistrate Rickie Burnett at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court on Dec. 12.

Burnett transferred the matter to the Georgetown Magistrate Court, where Magistrate Bertie Pompey was to hear the facts and sentence the man, last Monday.

However, Joslyn failed to turn up to court, resulting in prosecutor Sergeant Delroy Tittle asking that a bench warrant be issued for his arrest.

Prosecutors say that police caught Joslyn with the animals in motor vehicle R9555 in the Calliaqua district.

The two ewe sheep, value EC$750 and a ram goat, value, EC$450, were stolen from Langley Park and Orange Hill.

A third sheep was not claimed, resulting in a charge of unlawful possession of the ruminant being brought against the defendant.

A value has not been ascribed to the animal, because it was not claimed.

The next hearing in the matter is slated for Jan. 14, 2019.

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5 replies on “Sheep thief fails to attend court for sentencing  ”

  1. You just now put another man to shame. I guess you must be proud of yourself because you are one step above. Life has a not so funny way of making you pay for the things that you do. I suppose now that this is going to stay with this man for a long time just so you can have your fame. If we look at the Cayman Islands, the Netherland Antilles, the French Antilles, the British Virgin Islands, the Bahamas even Barbados. Look at the people’s faces, look at the way they dress and carry themselves. look at where they live and how they eat. I tell you there is a very special place in hell for Ralph, Mitchel Cato, Joshua and the rest. Jah will soon lick them down hard. Cato hospital is already a dump and Joshua airport will soon be demolished. Ralph and Mitchel will eventually pay for everything they do to good people. You too. Remember, hope is frail but it’s hard to kill.

  2. you can never travel far on a stolen horse. Rather ancient wisdom from frontier America. Vincentians have a hard time grasping that fact. Burglar bars on every window. You will never attract tourists or investment in your economy if it is based on what you can steal from each other. Mind you, almost every house in urban Canada has security systems in place. You people just have vicious dogs and guns. Dogs are mostly pets here. They live a life better than poor Canadians. You need to eliminate petty crime in your country. You killed a German recently on his boat. You raped and robbed a woman from Belgium. I knew that woman. I was with her the day before she was able to leave St Vincent. She was pretty traumatized. People will become racist saying you are just primitive black people, prone to violence, no morality, and that’s the challenge. If you want tourists, you have to offer them a safe place. Stealing your neighbor’s sheep. That’s about as low as you can go. . Can that guy actually claim to be human per se?

  3. I am no way condoning such vile behavior, whether robbery, theft or murder. The person who wrote about primitive Black people has an IQ equivalent to a flea. Mind you, some of the things that were said are truthful. However, the rascist rant undermined his or her contributions .

    In Canada, I have security cameras not because I am worried about breaking in or robbery. It just give me a piece of mind pure and simple.

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