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Hans King, former press secretary to Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves. (Photo: Hans King/Facebook)
Hans King, former press secretary to Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves. (Photo: Hans King/Facebook)
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Hans King, who served as press secretary to Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves, has moved on from the post, after almost 13 years.

King, on Friday, took up his new post, as acting General Manager of National Properties Ltd., a state-owned company into which a large amount of state-owned land and other assets are vested.

King, a former journalist, became press secretary to Gonsalves after the murder of Glen Jackson in March 2006.

Jackson, also a former journalist, became press secretary to Gonsalves in March 2001 after the victory of the Unity Labour Party, on whose behalf he had waged a years-long campaign as he transitioned from journalism to political communications.

iWitness News is not aware of the government having made any formal announcements about King’s exit from the post, which came after weeks of whispers in media circles.

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In a post on Facebook Thursday night, King said:

“January 31, 2019, twelve years and 8 months as Press Secretary to the Prime Minister. Thank you Comrade for the awesome opportunity to serve you and the people of SVG. Thank you comrade and friends, staff of the PMO, my friend Elson Crick, my wife Faylene King, my mother-in-law, kids, all of cabinet, the media, everyone.

“Tomorrow a new day begins and a new chapter, new challenges.”

King’s departure has triggered some speculation about who would become the new press secretary to the prime minister, or if one would be appointed at all.

9 replies on “Han King quits as PM’s press secretary”

  1. The term “quit” is deceptive: this was simply a “transfer” from one position to another, a totally different process.

  2. Kenton have you ever explained why commentaries no longer carry names of posters?

    Would you please be kind enough tell the readers about this no name policy.

  3. And why on earth would this good man Kenton wish to join such a doomed and sinking ship piloted by the Gonsalves extended family to our hurt. Please do tell? His work to our hard pressed community here is well need and much appreciated.

  4. This is little more than a well paid reward job for services rendered, to keep him on side and under control.

  5. Quit is the right word here

    The Editor usages of Word “Quit ” is right. An other word, ” Leave” Left, Vacate, these can be used for the length of time in position.

    Until there is Officially announcement from Mr King, or the Government, Mr Chance can use the word Transfer.

    The word “quit” is negative to you and Ulp. So please clean it from your desk and leave the Editor alone.

  6. Mr king,
    He leave as Press Secretary, He quit as Press. Secretary , He vacated the position as press secretary, he depart from that position as press secretary , He resign as press secretary .and etcs all applied to him moving from being the press secretary . Why are you not requesting an official press statement from both parties.

    The word “Tranfer “cannot be use in Context that you are advocating.because we do not know for sure that took place or if it was an Open slot and He applied for that position.

    The Media and the Nation is still waiting to hear word.” Transfer to”

    Job of media, is to inform and not to speculate, and also to correct where information that might have been given out wrongly.

    Sir if you any official info can you please clear the deck . Finally He Quit being press secretary because has New Position . Hope feel much better now. Okay.

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