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A scene from the video in which the youth is repeatedly struck in the head by a police officer.
A scene from the video in which the youth is repeatedly struck in the head by a police officer.
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The Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force said, late Wednesday night, that it has launched an investigation after a video appeared on social media showing a police officer repeatedly beating a member of the public in his head with a truncheon.

Two uniformed officers are seen in the video and the police said in a release that one of them in a police officer and the other a member of the Auxiliary Police Force.

“The Public Relations and Complaints Office wishes to assure the general public that this matter is currently under investigation,” the release said.

“We are, therefore, soliciting the assistance of anyone who has information relating to this incident to visit the Public Relations and Complaints Office or the Office of the Commissioner of Police,” the release further stated.
The video was filmed at Russell Shopping Centre in Stoney Ground, Kingstown.

Two members of the public who made separate video recordings of the incident have shared their videos with iWitness News and we have published them on our Facebook page.

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iWitness News does not know what is the case or nature of the incident, but citizens have expressed outrage and have overwhelmingly described the response of the police officer as excessive.

6 replies on “Police launch investigation after video of beating”

  1. I was going to say out of control but it is well known that the SVG police have never been in to be out. They have spent years beating poor people and imprisoning them on the police say so that they were attacked first, they rarely are.

    If this video was not made you can be sure the police officer would say he was attacked.

    Quite simply a another case of police brutality, you can be sure nothing will come of this, the officer in question may even be promoted.

  2. Former police officer says:

    The perpetrator is not resisting arrest so why is he getting beaten on the head. I used to live in the USA where the police are also very poorly trained in certain jurisdictions. Too many police are very cowardly and have authoritarian personality disorders. Exactly those are the ones that get the awards and promotions in SVG. In many other nations those police lose thier jobs. In SVG they rise to the top and get into positions to encourage other police to be this way. Those officers that exercise self-restraint and follow the laws and rules of conduct are left behind. If an SVG officer complains or wants to change or improve the force they are punished for it.
    I assure you that the investigation will go nowhere. What we see in the video is very minor compared to what the SVG Police do to the very people they are supposed to protect and serve.
    Today the police primarily only protect and serve the political elite

  3. If asked, I’m sure lawyer Grant Connell would opine that the man was beaten for the “crime” of being black in a public place and that a white man carrying a briefcase would not even have been given a second glance in the same circumstances.

    My question of the days is: “Are black Vincentians racially biased against each other?”

  4. Annis Oatelia Creese says:

    Does the victim have a relative to support him with litigation against the SVG police force? This is a criminal act and must not be left alone. Imagine that there are many spectators and that policeman is beating the young man like that! What will he do without witnesses? Would that cop like someone to beat him or his relative like that? This is wrong. I hope to see some charges laid against this officer. He is not fit to be a cop!

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