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Onlookers at the scene in Penniston on Tuesday. (iWN photo)
Onlookers at the scene in Penniston on Tuesday. (iWN photo)
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Police have launched an investigation into the discovery of a human foetus in a drain in Penniston on Tuesday.

A detective told iWitness News that the foetus appears to be about 20 weeks old.

iWitness News understands that the foetus might have first been seen in the drain since Monday.

However, residents had dismissed it as an animal foetus until someone took a closer look.

Residents of the village who gathered outside the police cordon speculated about how the foetus came to be there.

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They expressed outrage at the development and described as “wicked” those responsible for the development.   

12 replies on “Foetus found in drain in Penniston”

  1. C ben-David says:

    Better than bringing an unwanted child into a cruel and indifferent world like ours.

    How could such an act be called “wicked” when it occurs every day of the week when an abortion is performed by a doctor? Our ignorance as a people has no limit.

  2. This could have been either a spontaneous or a deliberate abortion. Would it have been any less “wicked” if the woman had flushed it down the toilet or dumped it in a latrine hole or buried it in her back yard or put it in a black plastic bag to be picked up in the weekly garbage collection?

    Women have a right to do what they want with their bodies and nobody, including our busybody people like the idlers on the street in this photo with nothing else to study except other people’s private and personal affairs, has a right to claim otherwise.

  3. I hate to think that this was a back-street abortion. If it was, why didn’t they have to decency to at least lay the dead to rest? The fact that they would opt to commit this heinous act is representative of some of the people of this country perception of themselves, very low self-esteem.

  4. English Expert says:

    Eyewitness News: I suggest you please conduct a spell check before publishing your articles.

    1. Hi English Expert,

      Thank you for your comment. We do endeavour to have our articles proofread before they are published.

      However, from time to time, errors do slip through.

      Do you care to identify the offending words?

      Please note, however, that we are “iWitness News” and not “Eyewitness News”.

  5. Mistakes happen once. says:

    That wasn’t a mistake, it’s obvious the person cannot spell “FETUS” or else they wouldn’t have spelt it that way over 4 different times in the same article .

  6. With all the Cytotec being sold over the counter by certain pharmacies, self induced abortion is the likely cause of this fetal demise.

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