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ULP supporters

ULP supporters at their rally in Kingstown last Thursday. (Photo: Lance Neverson/Facebook)

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The ruling Unity Labour Party’s (ULP) call for its supporters, last Thursday, to “put on yuh red and hut up dey head” was intended to divide and conquer.

So says leader of the Opposition, Godwin Friday, who dismissed the march and rally the ULP held to celebrate their 18th anniversary in office as the party protesting against itself.

“Given what we have heard and seen so far in the press, they must be holding a protest rally,” Friday said ahead of the ULP’s march from its headquarters on Murray’s road, into and around Kingstown before a rally at Heritage Square.

Friday noted that after the court ruled on March 21 to dismiss the petitions his New Democratic Party filed challenging the results of the December 2015 elections, “many of us were disappointed and we took to the streets of Kingstown to register our disagreement with the decision.

“The ULP seems to be now taking a page out of the NDP book,” the NDP leader said.

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“Their lawyers have said that they are not satisfied with the judgement of the court and [have] taken the extraordinary step in writing to the court to seek to correct the judgement. So, the ULP can’t be celebrating in Kingstown today; they must be protesting, against themselves.”

He said he has noticed that in one of the ULP’s advertisements of the march and rally, they encourage their supporters to wear red and “hurt-up their head”.

“Now, who speaks like this in this day and age?  This is a message intended to divide and conquer the people; not one about building the country, because no one can build the country with only half the people invited to participate,” Friday said.

Godwin Friday
Leader of the Opposition, Godwin Friday speaking at the press conference on Thursday. (iWN photo)

The opposition leader called on nationals to “reject once and for all, the old-style politics of division and hate practiced by the ULP and its leaders.

“To their diminishing number of supporters, I say this, remember when they tell you to ‘hurt-up their head’, they are talking about people who sit next to you in church on Saturday or Sunday; they are talking about teachers who help your children prepare for their exams; they are talking about people who play cricket, football and netball on the same team with you; and they are also, for many of us, talking about members of our own families who do not share our political views.

“The point I am making is this: politics must not be used to divide our people to the point where we feel it is okay to hurt up their head, for it carries a lot more meaning. It means it is ok to hurt you neighbour, to prevent him from making a living, to deny his children opportunity to get ahead; to do things to people that would make them, as they have said, ‘suffer and die’.”

Friday said that Vincentians cannot build a brighter future for themselves in St. Vincent and the Grenadines if they continue in that way.

“The ULP have decided; that is how they intend to win, and it is how they have governed.  For me, it is much better for our country and for our souls that we return to a politics of embracing of old foes, of reaching out to everyone; and of adhering to the principle that whatever we build and create in this country, we will do it together and share in it equally.

That is the message we must all carry, and we must do so not out of political expediency, but as a commitment to our people.  We are too small as a country, too decent a people to allow ourselves to become so divided that we relish hurting our neighbour that way—whether in their head, in their wallet or otherwise.

I reject that politics of fear and selfishness. We must all reject it. We can start by letting Ralph, Camillo, Julian and Straker talk their hateful talk to themselves, while the rest of us set our sights higher, “unto the hills”, so to speak, from whence cometh our salvation as a people.”

The opposition leader said that the politics of divide and conquer helps only the politicians who profess it, and only for a while. 

“It does not help the country. We need no better, indisputable proof of this than what assails us daily in our country.  Just look around at the mess we are in and tell me that I am wrong.

“The corruption and vulgarity that passes for progress and governance in our country cannot be normalized and accepted as the only way forward.  We must do better.  We can do better.  Let us start by rejecting Ralph, and the ULP and their hateful politics today, and turn to your neighbour and say, ‘We have a lot of work to do, let’s do it together because that is the only way we will succeed’,” the opposition leader said.

13 replies on “ULP’s ‘hut up dey head’ a divisive slogan — Friday”

  1. And what a sorry spectacle that very march was. For as the U.L.P and the Gonsalves extended family “weaponised” the poverty of this country that they are here presiding over, the regretful spectacle was so further heightened by seeing those redshirted clots, marching and jigging about like drunken demented monkeys, there marching to their very loud fog horns and lurid vulgar whistles.

    Moreover what a sorry spectacle it was to see a people who cannot neither identify with their recent past nor even their immediate present jigging about. Frantz Fanon, in Black Skin, White Masks once remarked, quote; “…There are too many idiots in this world. And having said it, I have the burden of proving it.” ( )

    No doubt idiotic defenders of the Gonsalves family regime, may respond here in defence of the gross behaviour but a reminder from Mark Twain, brings a sobering thought to mind, when he wrote; “Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.”

    However, poverty have a way of enslaving many both physically and mentally, thus debilitating the mind and body, especially for those who are particularly most unlearned and unable to escape the clutches of charlatan manipulators.

    Hence, Nelson Mandela, former President of South Africa. Could say “Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity. It is an act of justice. It is the protection of a fundamental human right, the right to dignity and a decent life.”

    Moreover, in his recorded song “Redemption Song” Bob Marley too had something to say about those trapped in idiocy and reminds us that we as a people needs free our self from “mental slavery” if we are to rise above our exploiters. Quote; “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery none but ourselves can free our minds”! ( )

    One hardly sees how marching in red attires, together with the extended Gonsalves family who has been singlehandedly denying us a “Freedom of Information Act” and only pays lip service to our fragile democracy, there heeds the call of Bob Marley, Nelson Mandela and Frantz Fanon.

  2. Suddenly, Friday wants to be literal.

    He needs to go focus on the grounds of appeal that wont even pass the court’s litmus test whenever they seek leave to appeal.

    The focus of the NDP is mind boggling!

  3. Kenton Chance is the countries most productive journalist, only good journalism can ensure the possibility of a good society, an accountable democracy, and a transparent government.

    Thanks Kenton

  4. I just can’t get Mr Friday as a man of the law court, or if he is being advise by bunch of illiterate. In relation to the letters by the Government lawyers, nothing was mentioned that the judgement was flawed or to amend the ruling. It’s only state the lawyers wanted clarity on supplementary requisite to give the appropriate reasons in the support for an appeal court if the petitioners was to appeal the judgement. For I witness news to present its article on fiction and not facts tells another story and this is very dangerous. News media should not choose sides when it come to politics unless they are being funded by a selected party. Media must remember that whatever the published tend goes viral and it’s affect the populace in a de functional way. Journalism should be truthful, not fake.



  6. Shocked Vincy says:

    As usual, Friday is right. We should have political debates on such things as economics, infrastructure Development, Education and other topics that matter. We should not have rallies organized to mock others and promote disunity. It is very unfortunate that politicians promote institutions that keep us fighting amongst ourselves, begging for loans, crying for charity and reparations and anything that feeds backwardness in exchange for political gain.
    Along with this we have those of weak mental capacity that fall for the hype at these rallies in some feeling of belonging, even though it is belonging to a family of hate. Some support this attitude under the belief that it makes them superior because they also see that it can gain them privileges that supporters of the other parties will not get. We will also have a few on this website that may denounce such attitudes but they nevertheless support this party that promotes hatred and, in thier Orwellian way, call it other things such as great politics, progress,”love”.or even criticize the policy of this small group of insiders but wholeheartedly support it by saying that no matter what, it is better than the NDP, (even though the NDP proposes better). They encourage us to keep voting labour convincing us that no matter what, “dem all de same”.

  7. The comments on I-Witness News are just as informative as the story. What I have been noticing is that Friday, just like Eustace cannot do or say anything without the ULP Trolls such as C. Ben and Vincy Lawyer creating some way to criticize. Vincy Lawyer claims to be non-political but is obviously extremely political. If he were not than why does he rush to criticize the NDP at evey chance.
    Any reader would think that when Friday requests we all stop the fighting amongst ourselves and instead unify, that everyone would agree but especially that is what the ULP Trolls attack the most. It goes along with our Prime Minister’s Jewish philosophy that we are seeing today from Donald Trump and Israel that there are great gains to be made from promoting chaos, antagonism, and hatred, rather than the Christian philosophy of peace and unity that Jesus exemplified.
    Along with that I would like to agree with Friday’s Christian philosophy:
    “blessed be the peacemaker”.

    We all see that Vincy Lawyer sees it as his responsibility to crucify Friday at any and all opportunity.

    1. Vincy Lawyer says:

      Suzie, I’m responsible for what I say not how you receive it.

      If my logic evades you, that’s on you not me.

      Call me what you want but the fact remains, my comments are legally and practically sound.

      Don’t blame me because you see through tainted lens. I don’t live or practice in SVG, but as a Vincentian I have a right to my opinion once it does not defame.

      My lens are transparent. You should try to clear yours.

      Ps. Stop being selective in your highlighting comments. If I believe the ULP’s position is flawed, I SAY THIS. My allegiance is to my country, not a party or political leader. You should try that!

      1. I think Suzie’s right. Despite your abundance of knowledge you are clearly not unbiased. It’s Constructive criticism so don’t get angry. If you really want to put country before party then just take stock and improve. Look back at your previous comments and be honest with yourself.

  8. Hashtag Prince says:

    By his words Friday has developed a good Slogan for winning the next Election:

    “My Brother’s Keeper – Time for Change!”

    That will surely “hut up” de ULP h

    ead – LOLLOLLOL!!!

    Embrace the politics of inclusion philosophy dear Doc Friday, I think you found a nugget for victory.


  9. Hashtag Prince says:

    By his words Friday has developed a good Slogan for winning the next Election:
    “My Brother’s Keeper – Time for Change!”
    That will surely “hut up” de ULP
    head – LOLLOLLOL!!!
    Embrace the politics of inclusion philosophy dear Doc Friday, I think you found a nugget for victory.

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