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Six drivers had their permits suspended, pending the outcome of charges against them.
Six drivers had their permits suspended, pending the outcome of charges against them.
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Twelve omnibus drivers and two conductors were charged for carrying excess passengers during the inter school athletics meets last month.

The police said on Monday that in one instance, a minibus licenced to transport 18 passengers had 28 passengers inside.

The Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force Traffic Department cracked down on the reckless and dangerous driving and loud music during the Inter Primary, Secondary and College School Games, which were held March 27 to 29 at the Arnos Vale Sporting Complex.

Head of the Traffic Department, Superintendent of Police, Kenneth John said his department strategically deployed traffic officers during the three days of competition in order to regulate the traffic, ensure safety and make sure that the traffic laws were being upheld.

John said 94 reports were made, which resulted in 60 traffic tickets being issued to several drivers for playing loud and amplified music in their motor vehicles without the approval of the Commissioner of Police, contrary to regulation 31 of the Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Act, Regulation 483 of the Revised Edition of the Laws of SVG.

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Some drivers were issued as many as seven tickets each for failing to comply with the regulations.

Six omnibus drivers were also charged with dangerous and reckless driving, with one driver being charged twice for the same offence.

All six drivers had their permits suspended by Commissioner of Police Colin John, pending the outcome of the charges.

John thanked all motorists and commuters for their support to the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force and urged the general public to continue to abide by the Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Act Regulations.

He advised motorist to cooperate and to always exercise caution and care while driving on the nation’s roads.

John, however, reiterated that reckless and dangerous driving will not be tolerated on the roads of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

7 replies on “28 passengers in 18-seater bus during school sports”

  1. C. ben-David says:

    I am sure some of these “suspended” drivers are still on the road.

    Such action by the police should be a daily occurrence, not a rare event, if it is meant to be a real deterrent.

  2. Jolly Green says:

    I hope that when this matter comes to court the magistrate remembers that when a vehicle is overloaded it make the insurance null and void.

    The police should also look into this aspect when making charges.

  3. I assume if the police was hard on them they will not do that. When they get a ticket like that let them pay between 500 and 1000 dollars.

  4. Mica country Montreal, Quebec Canada says:

    This behaviour displayed by those van drivers are reckless How can a driver over loaded their vehicles with such numbers?.. This can resulting in fatal or serious injuries to passengers. 28 passengers for 18 seater unbelievable. I hope the trafic department crack down or put in place penalties whenever a driver disobeyed the safety trafic laws. I was there in 2016, i was amazed how those drivers drove blocking the street as a matter of fact using the streets to dropped off passengers is just a wild wild west.

  5. Erol Franklin says:

    Half the mini buses are owned by police so very interested to see how this pans out ???? And as stated by most who have commented this should be a regular thing reckless excessive speed over taking on corners and general bad driving is a everyday thing here in SVG, only when some one dies or persons die and related to people in HIGH places will anything change…..Love my island love me people most of the time but seriously real idiots on the road who NEVER DRIVE FOR THEIR LICENCE.

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