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Finals NCPSC

From left: Arlette Miller Contest Chairperson, Trackeisha Davis (AIA), Cavel King Jr and Iyande Bramble Massy Stores.

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The curtains came down, on Saturday, on the inaugural National Corporate Public Speaking Championship (NCPSC) in St. Vincent and the Grenadines at the Girl Guides Headquarters in Kingstown,  
First place winner was the Argyle International Airport (AIA) represented by Trackeisha Davis. 

Massy Stores SVG took second and third places respectively, represented by Cavel King Jr. and Iyande Bramble.

During this final round, five finalists delivered impressive prepared speeches on “The Role Of Social Media In Business”.

The other finalists were RSVG Police Force Moise Cummings, and XS Steel Inc., Marla Nanton-James. 

The winner of the impromptu speech was Massy Stores SVG, Cavel King Jr.  Trackeisha Davis of AIA was second place, and third position was taken by RSVG Police Force, Moise Cummings.

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The prize for the Highest Engagement Facebook Fan went to Merlinda Bacchus.
Argyle International Airport (AIA) was the recipient of a prize for Participating Company With Highest Turnout.

Desra Robinson- Glasgow won a cash prize of $300 and Aviar Charles won $200.
Special recognitions and certificates were presented to individuals and sponsors, by the Minister of Education St. Clair Prince, Contest Chairperson Arlette Miller, St. Clair Stapleton, Dr. Francesca-Burnham-Onu and Janice O’ Loughlin.  
This event was hosted by Toastmasters in SVG for staff of registered businesses throughout St. Vincent & the Grenadines.