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The suspect case created much unease at Argyle International Airport. (iWN file photo)
The suspect case created much unease at Argyle International Airport. (iWN file photo)
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The Argyle International Airport (AIA) said Wednesday it had “no comment” on an armed robbery at its parking lot on Sunday.

On Monday, iWitness News contacted Tabia Matthews, a spokesperson at the airport and was told that she would have to first speak to the Chief Executive officer of the airport, Hadley Bourne before commenting.

Subsequent calls to Matthews on Tuesday went unanswered.

When we contacted her again on Wednesday, Matthews said the airport had no comment on the crime.

“There will be no comment,” Matthews said.

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Asked if the AIA had anything to say to reassure persons who might be using its facilities in the wake the crime, Matthews said, “There will be no comment at this time.”

Police said on Monday that they are investigating a report of robbery made by a 23-year-old car park attendant of Kingstown Park against an armed assailant on 14.04.19.

According to police, reports are that the complainant, an employee of the AIA parking lot was allegedly robbed of EC$800 in cash and one security pass by an unknown person armed with a gun.

The incident occurred on Sunday at the Argyle International Airport (AIA), Argyle.

Police are soliciting the assistance of the public in the relay of any information that will assist in the swift persecution of the person(s) involved in this matter.

Persons willing to assist can divulge information to Officer in Charge, Calliaqua at 1-784-458-4200 or the ACP in charge Crimes at 1-784-456-1339.

4 replies on “AIA has ‘no comment’ on armed robbery at its parking lot”

  1. Erol Franklin says:

    Im so so sorry but a blind man could have seen this coming, hello you put in a system that machine gives you a card to enter but you have to the. Give that card to an attendant when leaving …..Duhhhhhh that poor attendant then takes THE CASH FROM YOU …..did no one really think they where not going and try rob that place ????? Comman sense not high ferluting positions is needed when setting things up to avoid even the tief lol thieve thinking easy target …..

  2. What kind of spokesperson is Ms. Mathews really? Isn’t it her job to speak for the AIA? Incompetence and contempt galore , as usual!

  3. Hashtag Prince says:

    Need to have a well secured collection point.A booth with bullet-proof glass and burglar bars with a/c of course and an armed security firm (vehicle) should be collecting from that booth, not an attendant transporting single-handedly. Time to “Up de T’ing!”

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