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Art exhibition SVGCC

The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College (SVGCC) Villa Campus was dazzled earlier this week by beautiful works of art showcased by final year fine art, design and cultural communications students of the college.

The Associate Degree in fine art, design and cultural communications is taught by Leytisha Jack and Dane Jack.  

They were on hand to give feedback and to provide moral support to the students.  

Leytisha Jack said she was proud of the students’ work, noting that this group of students really gelled together and supported each other.  

She said some of them had particular challenges during the term but managed to surmount them to complete their pieces, and not only that; they were able to incorporate certain aspects into their work.

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In her comments on Jadiel Foster’s work, she said it was good to see a male express and voice his emotions and his experiences. 

Foster’s presentation depicted “Isolation and Separation from my Family”.  The art lecturer was happy for this and said that art is a good avenue for youths to explore their feelings and emotions and provides an outlet for such, especially, when youths are faced with challenges.  Also, the lecturer expressed pleasure with the level of feedback and participation from the audience.  

The students’ work depicted several themes, including self-worth, self-discovery, family separation, skin colour, and folklore.  

Jonella Charles’ work depicted the theme: “Our Souls have Value”.  Anykha Sayers, an aspiring fashion designer, portrayed “Strength in Fragility: A Journey of Self-Discovery through Harmonisation” through sketches, photography, and fashion.   

Jaylen Williams spoke about her experience in dealing with her weight and being called fat in a “Happy Journey of Ugly”.  Rondine Browne highlighted issues of race and skin colour in “Mesmeric Intensities of Melanin.  

Cristoff Mascoll based his presentation on folklore and how it is portrayed in carnival in “Renewing Folklore Morality into Society”. 

The exhibition ends today, Friday, and I set up at the Teachers’ Lounge, SVGCC Villa Campus.

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  1. Sheridon mascoll says:

    Great job, well done to all. Wonderful to see art being embraced and talent being highlighted in other areas than just academics.
    Kristoffe Mascoll’s name is spelt incorrectly ( my nephew)

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