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Police investigation
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A man and his wife, originally of England, are in hospital nursing gunshot wounds after being shot at their home in Brighton by armed intruders around 2 a.m. Thursday.

A police statement issued on Friday did not identify the shooting victims, saying only that one is a 52 years old and retired, while the other is a 58-year-old manager.

Police said they were treating the shootings as cases of attempted murder.

iWitness News was able to ascertain that the shooting victims are Carolyn Lee and Stephen Lee.

Mr. Lee is manager of Barefoot Yacht Charters.

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Sources in the know say that Ms Lee was shot in the right leg and stomach, while Mr. Lee was shot in his right hand and stomach. 

Police say that reports are that two unknown masked men shot both persons about their bodies with a gun. 

Police are soliciting the assistance of the public in obtaining information that can lead to the swift investigation and prosecution of the offender(s) in this case. 

Persons with information are asked to contact the Officer I/C South Central Division at 17844584200 or the ACP I/C Crimes at 17844561339, police said in a statement on Friday. 

9 replies on “British couple shot in St. Vincent”

  1. Vincy Lawyer says:

    Mr. Chance, do you think there was a reason/ merit as to why the police report did not disclose the names of the victims in their initial release?

  2. Why aren’t these people protecting themselves by installing cameras? It beats me that people are not protecting their home sand lives, but instead rely on the police to do that for them.
    Even Saboto get caught with his pants down when his wife and child were attacked.
    I am asking the Commissioner of police to help these people get the necessary help and protect their lives and property. Get trained police to give seminars in every town and village to make people aware of how easy it is to get a community to protect its people. It can cost less than $10,000 for an entire community to protect itself.
    Neighbours don’t have to be outside to see what’s happening around their homes. They can be warned of intruders before they get close to do any damage. Alarms can also deter intruders and folks can have pictures of the intruders to give the police. Let me advise the NDP to setup a group to study how to protect Vincentians and let them go into the communities to explain their findings.
    This is one way the NDP can be talking to all Vincentians without any discrimination based on political affiliation: This one way to bring Vincentians together. NDP, ULP are all being affected by these criminals.

    1. Sorry there is no such thing as protecting yourself with a camera. You may be able to catch the perpetrator after the face but having a cameras is on protection against an invasion of your home.

  3. Careless reporting!!! Police do not identify them yet make an assumption qnd name them…..smh. where’s your duty of care?

  4. Diana Rhoden says:

    Vinci’s is getting bad to all the west Indians island are doing it to you not save in this world today God help us all

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