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Rondy “Luta” Mc Intosh in 2019. (Photo: St. George's Carnival Committee/Facebook)
Rondy “Luta” Mc Intosh in 2019. (Photo: St. George’s Carnival Committee/Facebook)
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“A win is a win!”

That’s what soca artiste Rondy “Luta” Mc Intosh, a 25-year veteran of the art form, might be saying after capturing the 2019 Road March title with his hit song, “Leh Go Ting”.

At the same time, 21-year-old Derron “Magikal” Rouse might be saying that the judges in the competition are “Bloody Hell Crazy”.

After all, a single point secured Luta’s position, and prevented “Magikal” from bagging a 5thwin for Vincy Mas 2019, with “Bloody Hell Crazy”.

“Bloody Hell Crazy”celebrates the energy and intensity of the revelry that characterises Vincy Mas. 

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According to results announced by the Carnival Development Corporation on Wednesday, Luta secured the Road March title by scoring 82 points, just one more than Magikal.

Third place went to Villroy “Tuffa” Jack, whose “Liver” scored 60 points.

Tuffa placed third in the National Soca Monarch competition. 

On Saturday, Magikal secured his fourth crown for Vincy Mas 2019, when he won the National Soca Monarch title — the first time that he was competing.

He came to the national competition having already bagged the North Leeward, South Leeward and Georgetown Soca Monarch titles.