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A 27-year-old man was, last Wednesday, given an EC$250 reminder that notwithstanding what he might be hearing, possession of marijuana is still illegal in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

“Well, it is 17 grammes but it’s the law,” Senior Magistrate Rickie Burnett told Osei Williams at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court.

“Never mind all the talk you are hearing. It’s the law,” Burnett said and fined the man EC$250 for possession of the illegal drug.

Williams had pleaded guilty to the charge and had asked to be allowed to pay a fine.

He was arrested in Rose Place, on July 7, when Detective Sergeant Phillips and Detective Constable Cromwell were on foot patrol in plain clothes.

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The police sergeant had requested a search of Williams’ person, to which he consented.

The marijuana was found individually packaged in small Ziploc bags in a large transparent bag in the man’s right front pocket.When cautioned, he told the police officer, “Them ah small spliff for me smoke.

3 replies on “Man fined for half ounce of weed”

  1. Just what is the point of such a useless futile action by the Police when foreigners are being given extensive licences to grow, export and smoke here under the guise of Medical Cannabis?

    Is this one rule for some caze dem have big money and yet another restrictive rule for the local others carze dem poor. Wa? A few stick ah weed? An im is ah big man, im nah likle bawy? Nuf said! Be “Forever loving Jah” fe we time ah go come too!
    Jump Nyabinghi

  2. My reply JB is in no way intended to promote decriminalization of the possession of cannabis here and if you had read any of my past comments, you would indeed realize my aversion to the widespread use of Cannabis/Marijuana by any here under the age of 25 years of age, simply because of the dangers that its long-term use is known to have on young brains.
    The Marijuana Affect

    However there are many other everyday acts here in SVG that are thoroughly illegal to which the Police regularly turns a blind eye, such as, Jaywalking, the playing of loud music to the annoyance of others and street trading, to name but a few. Moreover, the hypocrisy of what I submit is this immoral U.L.P government leaves much to be desired.

    For when presenting the recent cannabis Bills before Parliament, its ministers boast of the long tradition in the growing and use of Cannabis here, while it sought to cash-in on the Marijuana industry. Worst, it has resorted to award contracts for the growing, use and exporting of Cannabis by known money men, both local and foreign but at the same time, it is denying the little man the ability to continue do the same.

    Soon there will be an plethora in the expansion and growth of Cannabis farms here under acreages, owned by these big- money producers, both local and foreign, with our country awash with cannabis, therefore, it would appear somewhat injudicious to be arresting a poor hustler for a few spliffs.

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