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Athlethics track

St. Vincent and the Grenadines will have an international standard athletics track at Diamond by Independence Day (Oct. 27) 2020.

“We are actively pursuing and we are sure that before independence next year, we will have, at Diamond, a track with a football field and a small facility, not a full stadium accommodation, but a track which is of a category 2 installation, not Olympic but of every international and regional standard below Olympics so you can do your running there and get your records and they will be counted,” Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves said on Saturday.

He said that just this week, he, along with the Minister of Finance and the Director General of Finance and Planning “ring fenced a portion of money to ensure that this facility is part of the “Renewal @40”.

Renewal @40 is a series of activities expected to run until Oct. 26, 2020, in celebration of the country’s 40th anniversary of independence, which will be observed on Oct. 27 this year.

Gonsalves’ Unity Labour Party came to office on March 28, 2001 promising to build a national stadium at Diamond.

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The administration, however, has so far failed to do so.

5 replies on “PM promises sports facility at Diamond by next year”

  1. Vere Palmer says:

    This military independence celebration is OUT OF ORDER. People should be going to picnics and other celebration and not to see police and military people marching. The military was not used to obtain independence, so why are they involved?

  2. The airport ain’t cutting it so we gone back to the STADIUM. St. Vincent and the Grenadines has to be a CIRCUS. Nuff said

  3. Black Squad Member says:

    Vere the military is necessary to put a break on counter revolutionary such as you who may want to turn back the education revolution and other progressive laws that a put in place. It’s a reminder that our navy, black squad and police would not stand idle and let counter revolutionary take over.

  4. Jolly Green says:

    The problem is a sports stadium was proposed years ago by the ULP and funds were gathered years ago from a now dead overseas tyrant totalling $15 million dollars part grant and part soft loan. The stadium was never built and that money disappeared but is still owing for repayment to an overseas nation.

    Lets hope this is going to be funded by the disappeared $15 million. Because if another loan is to be acquired for the same or similar project then what happened to the first $15 mil?

    I am not sure but IWitness have written about it more than once.

    This is the kind of matter that needs investigating by Transparency International. Where did all that money disappear to?

    I am of course talking about Gadaffi and Libya, remember how Gonsalves took Luke Browne on a jolly up in Libya to celebrate Gadhafi’s revolution remembrance. They loved him and all he stood for.

    They probably thought us ignorant Vincentians forgot about that a long time ago.

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