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An employee of Coreas Hazell Inc. was bonded on Monday after admitting to stealing a number of items from Jax Enterprises Ltd., another business place in Kingstown.

Shervet Greene, 34, of Glen, a mother of children 8 years and 16 months old, told the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court that she stole the items because she was experiencing financial hardship.

“You are not alone in that regard,” Senior Magistrate Rickie Burnett responded. “Most of us are. We just smile as if all is well.”

The magistrate pointed out the implications of the woman’s actions.

“Coreas may not employ you again because they may say you can’t be trusted. That financial burden will be worse. You have embarrassed yourself and your children,” the magistrate further said.

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Green pleaded guilty to a charge that last Wednesday, Aug. 7, she stole two vacuum flasks, value EC$40; one water bottle, value EC$15, one travel set, value EC$3, and five plastic bowls, value EC$12.50, total value EC$70.50, the property of Jax Enterprises Ltd. 
The court heard that about 2 p.m. last Wednesday, the security officer at Jax Enterprises Ltd. was told that there were two empty vacuum flask boxes on the shelf at the store.

The security officer reviewed the footage on the store’s CCTV system, which showed the defendant, dressed in the uniform of Coreas Hazells Inc., removing the items and placing them in a bag.

He made inquiries and found out her name. The matter was reported to police who also reviewed the footage and arrested and charged Greene.

Greene gave a statement to police admitting to the offence.

She told the court that she has been working at Coreas Hazells Inc. for eight years.

“You have been working for eight years… You are in Kingstown every day. Don’t you know cameras are at Jax as they are at Coreas?” Burnett told the defendant.

He bonded her for one year in the sum of EC$1,000 or three months in jail.

“You understand that madam?” Burnett said after handing down his sentence. “Make it the last time. The first and the last,” he told the woman, who had no previous convictions.

The Coreas Hazells Inc. employee appeared in court on a day that a man was jailed for stealing six bottles of liquor from Coreas minimart. 

3 replies on “Coreas worker steals from Jax”

  1. Shirla Williams says:

    She so foolish, now she gonna meet more hardship when she loses her job.
    She could have buy these items one at a time.
    Now children going to be cursing her 8 or old about what she did.

  2. things so hard she should of ask a questoon or better she had beg
    be auae 8 yrs is not 8 days or sell mango ir something i dont know who gonna hire her now svg so small smh

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